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Quality surveying for Victoria’s largest road infrastructure project

The company supplied its client with a Quality Level A survey of underground utilities that conflicted with the alignment of the road, ensuring the planned construction can progress without incident or disruption to the community.

Construction of the North East Link recently started on the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria. The new freeway, desperately required to alleviate congestion in the northeastern suburbs of the city, will connect the cities freeway network between an upgraded Eastern Freeway from Springvale Road to the M80 Ring Road.

According to the Victorian Government, the new road will facilitate the movement of 100,000 vehicles a day, linking growth areas in the north and southeast of the city. The AU$15.8 billion project is the biggest road transport infrastructure investment in the state’s history and will also feature the state’s longest twin road tunnel.

Early works

As part of the North East Link early works Rangedale Drainage Services was engaged by GHD to provide a ‘Quality Level A Survey’ of all underground utilities conflicting with the proposed alignment in the Greensborough area.

Rangedale Drainage Services is a unique drainage company, equipped and capable of providing a vast range of drainage, utility and infrastructure services from start to finish with a high level of quality and attention to detail. The company specialises in the application of trenchless technology, using advanced methods such as non-destructive digging.

In addition, the company covers all aspects of civil and drainage works such as pipe relining, CCTV inspection, pipe repair and replacement, hydro excavation and combo cleaning/vacuum loading, traffic management, backfill reinstatement and asphalting, and project management services across many industries.

For the early works, the company, in consultation with GHD, compiled a project specific methodology and intense program which took into account the complexities of the site, as well as the constraints of high volumes of traffic, limited working areas and hours, residents, businesses and the environment.

Getting started

The project was undertaken with a focus on minimising the impact on all stakeholders, the environment and surrounding community. After months of pre-planning, site works kicked off in early November 2018.

The project included varied work taking place simultaneously, including electronic service location, ground penetrating radar, asphalt and road cutting, hydro excavation, surveying, back filling and hot mix asphalt road reinstatement.

Throughout the execution of the project, Rangedale Drainage Services provided professional in-house turnkey solutions to deliver the survey. This project, in partnership with the client, was successfully completed with the combined effort of the integrated project team.

All works were completed under major traffic management restrictions, providing safety to all project personnel while maintaining suitable traffic conditions for motorists and pedestrians. Throughout the duration of the project, the work continued its focus on impact minimisation, while protecting assets and personnel. A similar focus on safety delivered a zero-harm outcome in a timely manner to meet the project delivery date of late December 2018.

The data obtained in these early works will ensure future contractors can rely on accurate and quality data, enabling them to deliver a quality project.

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