Veolia optimising inspection and infrastructure management

Veolia is progressing with a research and development program to optimise water inspection and infrastructure management.

With sewer blockages costing the Australian urban water industry millions of dollars in remediation services each year, Veolia has set out to find a better solution than purely routine inspections in order to prevent incoming damages.

The company now believes the answer lies in data and analytics, delivered through insights and industry expertise.

Veolia will use decades of datasets, including asset information and work order history, to ascertain where future incidents are likely to occur and reduce costs associated with managing water operations.

Veolia Project Manager Quentin Bechet said the municipal water industry had a great opportunity on its hands.

“Being able to predict sewer blockages and water bursts before they happen will be a game changer,” he said.

“Operations will move from a purely reactive to a proactive mode.”

Veolia operates 123 water and wastewater treatment plants across Australia and New Zealand.

For more information visit the Veolia website.

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