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Water NZ offering site visit to young professionals

Water New Zealand is providing Young Water Professionals an opportunity to visit the Te Maunga wastewater treatment plant.

Drainage Services at Tauranga City Council has agreed to provide a tour of the plant, including upgrades which are currently under construction.

Te Maunga is connected to a large waste wastewater pipeline, Tauranaga Southern Pipeline, which redirects some of the city’s wastewater to the facility, relieving the burden that was previously on the Chapel Street treatment plant.

The pipeline was completed in 2018, with the a crossing the city’s harbour installed using horizontal directional drilling.

The average daily flow to Te Maunga is 9,600m3/d, from an approximate population of 36,500 people.

Wastewater is screened then treated with a biological process, before the treated wastewater flows from the clarifier to a retention pond before passing through a man-made wetland.

The wastewater is then pumped through a UV plant and out to sea via a 3 km pipeline extending 950 m offshore from Omanu.

For more information visit the Water Zealand website

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