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Trenchless technology draft training products open for review

The updated training products for skilled operators working in trenchless technology are now available online for review.

PwC’s Skills for Australia is currently undertaking a project to review and update the trenchless technology qualifications and units of competency.

What is available for review?

The training products for skilled operators working in trenchless technology have been amended to reflect the current needs of the industry.

The draft training products are now available online for review; this is the final chance to provide feedback on draft training products before they are published on the Australian Government Department of Training and Education website.

The project file includes the following: 

  • summary of draft training product changes
  • draft qualification: RII31619 Certificate III in Trenchless Technology
  • draft units:
    • 2 units created to be used in trenchless technology
    • 11 amended units currently used in trenchless technology.

Where can feedback be provided?

The draft training products may be accessed by direct download here.

Alternatively, they can be accessed through PwC’s Skills for Australia website.

When can feedback be provided?

Feedback on the draft training products will be open until COB Friday 21 June 2019.

How to provide feedback

Feedback can be provided in the following ways:

  • providing detailed comments and tracked changes in the Word documents included in the zip file
  • providing high-level feedback via email
  • contacting PwC’s Skills for Australia to set up a time to discuss feedback with a member of its team.

Feedback can be provided by emailing

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