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With distribution channels around the world, kwik-ZIP’s centraliser and spacer products are being used in a range of infrastructure projects.

Adept Civil Group recently used kwik-ZIP HD-75 spacers to protect and centralise an IPLEX DN 150 RESTRAIN™ Pipe installation during the relocation of a sewer for the Chandler Highway Upgrade in Melbourne, Victoria. The AU$110 million project began in 2017 and involves the widening of the highway to six lanes, as well as building a new bridge to the west of an existing one.

Two intersections along the highway would be upgraded during the project and new traffic lights would be installed in some parts. Additionally, landscaping around the Yarra River would also take place, as well as the improvement of stormwater drainage and lighting in the area.

A stack of pipes fitted with kwik-ZIP’s HD-75 spacers.

For the sewer relocation, contractor Adept Civil selected kwik-ZIP’s HD-75 spacers, which were then installed at 1 m intervals to support the carrier pipe and protect it from abrasion or damage during the operations.

The company’s HD series spacers are well suited for use in open bores as their curved bow design allows them to be easily pulled or pushed over rough ground surfaces.

The spacers have no metal parts and are made from kwik-ZIP’s modified Acetal (POM) engineering thermoplastic, a high-grade material that is flexible, extremely tough and has a low coefficient of friction. Additionally, the spacers’ installation process does not require any special tools, allowing for a simple and efficient fitting procedure.

Lengths of pipe being lowered into the hole for installation.

Adept Civil Group Construction Manager – Microtunnelling Brett Moore says the on-site operations ran smoothly.

“kwik-ZIP’s HD-75 spacers were quick and easy to install and helped to make the carrier pipe installation a trouble-free process,” he says.

kwik-ZIP spacers have been approved and endorsed by a number of agencies and associations, including the Water Services Association of Australia and the Melbourne Retail Water Agency – a joint association of three water retailers owned by the Victorian government: South East Water, Yarra Valley Water and City West Water.

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