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Hi-Vac makes impact down under

Vermeer Australia has completed the fit out of Hi-Vac Corporation’s first hydro excavators and jetters for the Australian market.

Vermeer, recently appointed as the Australian distributor of Hi-Vac’s range of high cubic foot per minute (CFM) hydro excavators and industrial combination vacuum jetters, completed the fit outs on first units to arrive in the country.

According to the company, with significant orders already placed, it’s clear the market likes what it sees.

“The first units of Hi-Vac high-CFM industrial combination vac/jetters to arrive in the country have been fitted to Volvo FM540 8×4 trucks,” said Vermeer National Sales Manager for Hi-Vac Products Anthony O’Grady.

“These trucks were chosen because of their high power output, required to support the Hi-Vac’s impressive blower output, as well as their quality and reputation in this application.

“These units feature a level of performance not before seen in Australia, in particular the CFM rating of the blowers.

“Both the X-Vac and Aquatech units feature a no-load blower rating of 5,750 CFM, but what is more significant is that the Roots WHISPAIR positive displacement blower is able to maintain an unprecedented 2,000 CFM at 27 HG of vacuum.

“This is over 30 per cent higher CFM under load than this market has seen previously.”

The Aquatech B10 also delivers 330 L/min at 2,500 psi through a 25 mm Cobra jetter hose, featuring an auto lever wind and digital distance counter, as well as a 1,135 L/m water pump off system for fast decanting.

For more information visit the Hi-Vac website or visit Vermeer at booth 56 and 96 during No-Dig Down Under.

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