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KOR continues to grow

The team at KOR prides itself on its ability to support its range of products for the life of the machine, with skilled technicians, spare parts, training and compliance support.

Since the company was established, KOR has become a leading Australasian supplier of trenchless non-destructive excavation and pipeline cleaning machinery. The company is Australasia’s exclusive distributor of Italian manufacturer Cappellotto, a global leader in vacuum recovery and high pressure water jetting technology.

In addition to Cappellotto – Europe’s largest manufacturer of sewer and drain cleaning equipment – KOR has identified, negotiated and obtained agreements to supply other cutting edge technologies to the industry. The company is also the exclusive distributor for Uraca high pressure water jetting pumps and accessories.

The team at KOR says these agreements have contributed to the company becoming Australia’s largest drain cleaning and truck mounted vacuum equipment supplier, by volume and product diversity. KOR is also committed to supporting its customers for the lifetime of their products, based on the philosophy: “Your asset, our product.”

Strategic partnership

According to Managing Director and Founder Stephen Pewtress – who has more than 35 years’ experience managing people and equipment – this means the relationship with Cappellotto was a natural fit from the start.

“The KOR-Cappellotto partnership is outstanding and is reflected in the results we are achieving with many clients right across our regions and market sectors we service,” he says.

“The KOR-Cappellotto collaboration has enabled growth and underpinned our collective vision. This in association with Cappellotto’s commitment to the quality of their design and engineering capability.”

Mr Pewtress says Cappellotto’s more than 60 years’ commitment and focus on designing and manufacturing world class equipment helps KOR present world class leading products that stand out from the competition.

“The design and engineering investment ensures greater performance, reliability, efficiency, lower cost and higher yield from an equipment product range that is succeeding in over 50 countries around the globe,” he says.

A complete range

KOR’s range of trenchless machines is unique because it caters for every type of specification typically required in the Australasian market. The range includes drain and sewer cleaning and recycling units, hydro excavation units, liquid waste transportation units, industrial vacuum loading units and industrial combination units.

Among KOR’s range is the 6×4 CAP COMBI 2600 CC Drain Cleaner, the market standard for 1 inch (25 mm) drain cleaning and 6 inch (152 mm) vacuum hydro excavation. The 6×4 combination unit has a lower entry cost compared to the company’s CAP COMBI 2600 CL model, yet has excellent performance with full size drain cleaning and hydro excavation capability.

The machine features 0.5–1 inch (13–25 mm) jetting hose with no compromises. In addition, the unit has the largest debris tank and highest legal payload in its class.

Although KOR has a strong relationship with Volvo to provide chassis with Australian specifications, the company has the capability to build every model on offer from Cappellotto on most chassis for two, three, four and five axle trucks.

KOR stocks a full range of spare parts for its products, to support the life of all machines for customers. The company also stocks unsold units ready for immediate delivery or with very short lead times, and offers fully maintained operating leases to select customers as well as a second-hand trade in service for all Cappellotto customers.

The company has the capabilities to successfully import standard compliant Cappellotto machines, that are dangerous goods (DG) rated vacuum units, liquid tankers and industrial combination units. KOR was the first company to achieve this level of DG standard, importing machines that were eventually used in the decommission of the Caltex Fuel refinery and conversion to a major import terminal.

Lifetime support

KOR’s products are also backed up by access to in-depth training and engineering support, and are supported by a team of Cappellotto-trained technicians, available to service the whole Australasian region.

Demonstrating the company’s long-term commitment to its customers, the KOR team has an operating framework that delivers training, auditing, service maintenance training and compliance support.

“Our product support commitment determines that our operation is geared to service our product and to create long-term sustainable customer value,” says Mr Pewtress.

“Our culture is built around servicing our clients effectively and efficiently every time KOR is called upon.”

Cappellottos in abundance

“Our equipment is currently deployed in every state and territory of Australia and New Zealand. From mine sites to water authorities, municipalities, civil infrastructure projects, heavy industry and waste companies. In simple terms, Cappellottos are operating in ‘every corner of our communities’, thanks to the significant support the market affords our company resultant from the KOR value propositions,” says Mr Pewtress.

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