Teaming up to bring revolutionary products Down Under

Utility Innovations Services (UIS) and its distributor Blick Group, have brought the company’s revolutionary excavator attachments to Australasia.

The attachments, renowned for being safe, fast and easy to use, completely change the way pipes and cables are handled throughout the utilities sector.

UIS is a UK-based manufacturer of innovative technologies to support the utilities industry.

For almost 50 years, Blick has been a leading provider of drilling fluid and tooling providing products, training and advice to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

In 2014, the company established itself in Australia with the goal of delivering the same products and services throughout the country.

UIS and Blick are proud to have teamed up to bring these industry leading products to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Power Push

This excavator attachment offers a safer, faster and easier way of inserting new polyethylene (PE) pipe and cable, and is fully approved for operation on live and dead installations.

Controlled solely from the safety of the excavator cab, the UIS Power Push™ is available in a range of sizes to suit the majority of excavators and can be used for sliplining, manoeuvring and rerounding of PE pipe from 63 mm all the way up to 900 mm.

Power Handler

This attachment is changing the way large pipes and ducts are handled on and off site.

The UIS Power Handler™ gives the excavator operator full 360° control of the pipe, removing the need for strops and chains, eliminating the potential risks from manual handling and providing a safer and more effective way to handle pipe.

The product is capable of withstanding even the toughest pipelaying and handling environments, and is suitable for all types of pipe from 250 mm to 900 mm, including PE, steel, PVC and concrete.

A lineup of the UIS product range.

UIS and Blick will be displaying the UIS Power Push at No-Dig Down Under taking place in Melbourne in September.

Representatives from Blick will be on the company’s exhibition booth to discuss and illustrate how these units can make your pipe installation requirements safer, faster and easier.

For more information visit the Blick website.

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