April Tower Ads: Interflow
April Tower Ads: Interflow

Bringing HDD to prime time

Prime Horizontal is a prolific provider of guidance products and solutions for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects.

Prime Horizontal was established in 1998 and since its inception has been an industry leader in guidance services, products and solutions that allow horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects to be completed safely and efficiently.

The company has been involved in a wide variety of projects, from setting world records for the longest HDD projects using the latest intersect technology, to small length highly accurate pilot holes in freeze hole drilling applications.

Originally adapted for use in the market by Vector Magnetics, Prime Horizontal is one of the foremost authorities on the use of the ParaTrack system, which can perform HDD guidance across a range of different geological situations and environments.

Prime Horizontal and Vector have worked together through the years to develop multiple incarnations of the system, including the ParaTrack-1 and the ParaTrack-2 with increased capabilities, either of which can be selected for use based on the difficulty and characteristics of the HDD task.

The company has also successfully performed more than 150 coal bed methane (CBM) projects across the world using the Rotating Magnet Raging System (RMRS).

A horizontal drill with the RMRS sub approaching a vertical hole containing the steering tool for magnetic ranging.

The RMRS kit consists of a Rotating Magnet Sub, approximately 47 cm in length, which sits between the bit and the mud motor of the horizontal directional well.

This sub contains stacks of powerful rare earth magnets that create an AC magnetic field when rotating with the bit.

This magnetic field is monitored by the ParaTrack-2 Sensor Probe located in a nearby vertical well on wireline, with a usable range of up to 67 m and provides a distance and direction from the sensor probe to the drill bit.

Prime Horizontal Australia has been operational since 2011 and is currently based in Brisbane, Queensland.

The company brings its wealth of experience to partner its clients in the successful completion of a wide range of HDD and CBM projects, offering the full range of Prime Horizontal guidance services, downhole tooling and data measurement equipment including:

  • ParaTrack and intersect services
  • RMRS
  • GyroTrack pipe mapping service
  • 3–10 inch (77–254 mm) mud motor and jetting assemblies, sales, rental, and service
  • pressure while drilling
  • hole openers, cutter segments, split bits, sales and rental
  • tricone and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits
  • ProData HDD rig data recorder
  • MudVis automated mud viscosity measuring and data logging system.

Projects brought to Prime Horizontal by its customers continue to lead to new, efficient and cost-effective solutions, adding more capabilities to the company’s toolkit.

For more information visit the Prime Horizontal website.

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