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Convince your boss of the benefits of No-Dig Down Under!

These key facts will convince your boss that you need to attend one of Australia and New Zealand’s most important infrastructure events.

There are now only a few weeks until one of the world’s largest dedicated trenchless events, No-Dig Down Under, takes place in Melbourne on 10–13 September.

The event, supported by ASTT, will once again feature training courses presented by international experts, a world class conference program – including an additional stream dedicated to utility location – and the largest trade exhibition in the event’s almost 20-year history.

Are you struggling to get your upper management to approve your attendance at the event? These tips will convince them you need to be at No-Dig Down Under.

1) Trenchless technologies are more environmentally friendly than traditional construction methods

Environmental protection is a vital aspect of any infrastructure project, including not only protecting the area around a construction site but reducing the emissions generated by any given project.

Trenchless technologies cause less environmental damage: trees and root systems are usually unaffected; sensitive areas are not dug up or disturbed; there are less spoil heaps, reducing the likelihood of sediment washing into drains and waterways; and ultimately there is less spoil to be removed.

The environmental benefits of trenchless techniques are becoming more valuable, particularly in the political climate where government is being forced to act on climate change and is promoting sustainability.

Ongoing water shortages underline the importance of asset management to ensure precious water resources are saved.

Trenchless is the more sustainable option, resulting in less emissions than traditional construction methods as a result of less machinery, reduced excavation and traffic disruptions, among other environmental benefits.

2) No-dig methods are the future of underground installation and rehabilitation, especially in urban environments

Trenchless technology is now common in the renewal and installation of underground infrastructure such as pipelines, sewers and electrical cables; in many applications, what was once used only occasionally has now become the preferred method.

Planning and executing infrastructure renewals and rehabilitations in built-up and urban environments is a logistical nightmare, often resulting in considerable impacts for the surrounding community.

No-dig technologies minimise social impacts: traffic delays are reduced and, where road traffic is impacted, it is generally for a shorter period of time than with open cut installation and rehabilitation.

3) Trenchless technology is safer than open cut

Health and safety are of vital importance for all stakeholders involved in the wider construction industry.

Because trenchless methods require less open excavation and reduce the need for human entry, no-dig construction sites are safer than open cut.

The smaller site footprint of trenchless work sites also makes it easier to prevent public access.

With a safer option available, isn’t it worth learning more about to ensure everyone safely returns home at the end of their shift?

4) Network and rub shoulders with decisions makers and international leaders

All aspects of No-Dig Down Under provide unparalleled networking opportunities.

Be it having a chat with a colleague from overseas over a coffee between conference sessions, or enjoying lunch with leading suppliers and manufacturers in the exhibition hall, if you’re interested in meeting and discussing the industry with global leaders the event is unmissable.

In addition to the conference and exhibition, three social functions have been designed with networking front of mind.

The Exhibition Opening and Networking Reception, both sponsored by Vermeer, will take place on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 September, respectively.

The opening is an opportunity to get a first glimpse of the exhibition hall and speak to exhibitors about their products and services before the general public, who will access the hall the following morning.

The Networking Reception will be hosted on the banks of Melbourne’s famous Yarra River, opposite the city’s CBD, and will feature great food, drinks and entertainment.

Arguably the most prestigious night on the trenchless calendar, the ASTT Gala Dinner and Awards Evening, sponsored by National Environmental Equipment, is an opportunity to celebrate the success of the Australasian trenchless industry.

This formal event will feature the presentation of the biennial ASTT Awards, recognising and celebrating the achievements of the Australasian trenchless industry.

5) Australia and New Zealand’s industry is as advanced as anywhere in the world

While the industry in Australia and New Zealand is relatively young in comparison to other parts of the world, particularly Europe and the US, it has grown to be a leader in testing the limits of the technology.

Projects like the construction of Watercare’s Army Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant – which featured the longest ever stretch of pipe laid by the Direct Pipe® tunnelling methodology – are routinely pushing the boundaries and advancing the industry.

A paper on the project will be presented as part of No-Dig Down Under’s conference program, along with countless other projects featuring leading trenchless applications.

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Convinced your boss about No-Dig Down Under?

Registration for all aspects of the event, including the conference and social functions, are still available!

To secure your attendance, or for more information, visit the No-Dig Down Under website.


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