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WATCH: Gas pipeline installed under Brisbane river

APA Group has completed the installation of a gas pipeline, 905 m of which runs under the Brisbane River.

APA contracted Diona Civil Engineering Contractors, with additional support from Coe Drilling, for the pipeline installation, completed at a depth of 10 m below the river, as part of the Murarrie Looping Project. 

The horizontal directional drill (HDD) and pipe pull involved a 500 t drill rig, two franna cranes and six excavators, completed over 24 hours using 70 workers.

During installation, 905 m of DN 300 gas pipe was pulled under the Brisbane river with detailed planning in design and methodology required to ensure accuracy of the alignment installation.

The new 300 mm high-pressure steel pipeline is a duplication of the Murarrie Pipeline, which provides gas to more than 88,000 customers.

For more information visit the APA website.

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