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West Gate Tunnel diversion is complete

The North Yarra Main Sewer diversion is officially complete for the West Gate Tunnel.

The West Gate Tunnel project has reached an important milestone, reaching completion of the North Yarra Main Sewer diversion.

After a year of work, the 600 m diversion construction has been finalised – an important first step toward creating the West Gate Tunnel itself.

Diverting the pipeline was a large task that required a microtunnel boring machine to dig the new pipe and break into the new sewer, as well as piling, changes to traffic and the excavation of over 9,000 m3 of dirt.

The aim was to build the diversion without interrupting to sewerage services during the works.

The existing North Yarra Main Sewer is 2,600 mm in diameter, more than 100 years old and is mostly made of bricks, running below the centre of Whitehall Street in Footscray and Yarraville and carrying 20 per cent of Melbourne’s sewerage.

With the diversion complete, Whitehall Street will be reopened for traffic in both directions.

Tunnelling of the West Gate Tunnel is set to commence this year, with the process expecting to take two years to complete with the ‘Vida’ and ‘Bella’ tunnel boring machines.

The West Gate Tunnel Project is a city-shaping project that will deliver a vital alternative to the West Gate Bridge.

For more information visit the West Gate Tunnel project website.

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