Vac-Ex continues demonstrations post-show

The Vac-Ex team has taken its Air-Vac ‘Ralph’ on the road, following its display at in No Dig Down Under’s exhibition hall.

Following No Dig Down Under – held in Melbourne in September – Vac-Ex has continued to demonstrate its technology around the country.

The team, who hail from Brisbane, Queensland, left Melbourne after No-Dig Down Under to travel to Bendigo and use the Air-Vac machine to expose a live water valve along a pedestrian footpath for a R&R McClure project.

The key advantages identified using the non-destructive unit are identified as a reduced site footprint, no disruption to pedestrians nor traffic management required, no disposal of spoil off site and being able to us the excavated material as backfill.

Now, the Vac-Ex team and Ralph are on route to Sydney where work will take place with Sydney Water before returning to Brisbane.

Image courtesy of Vac-Ex.

For more information visit the Vac-Ex website.

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