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Primus Line completes unique rehabilitation

Known for covering long distances in sensitive environments, Primus Liner® has now been installed vertically in Sydney’s underground.

The North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant comprises many tunnels and subterranean chambers that are located up to 100 m below the surface of the Sydney Harbour National Park, including a DN 150 sump pump pipeline that required rehabilitation due to a number of leakage points.

Along with several other pipelines, this pipe runs through a narrow and vertical shaft, which is only accessible by cramped ladders and makes pipeline replacement a time consuming and complicated process.

Instead, Sydney Water decided to reline the existing main with Primus Line’s deemed-to-comply technology, which has already proven itself in other Sydney Water projects.

The rehabilitation occurred in two sections, at 91 m and 15 m, after the pipe was drained and small pipe cut outs were created to grant access to the main.

The DN 150 PN 25 Primus Liner had a 1,400 mm diameter and was fed into the pipeline from top to bottom, secured through the entire installation process by ropes and lashing straps.

Upon inflating the pre-folder liner with compressed air, flange adapters and Primus Line PN 16 end fittings were installed, completing the rehabilitation process.

Sydney Water assigned the rehabilitation process to Primus Line’s local partner company Interflow.

Works were completed within two days.

For more information visit the Primus Line website.

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