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View the latest trenchless technology tenders

View the latest trenchless technology tenders

Eastern sector sewer trunk main construction
Issued by: 
Mount Barker District Council
Closing date: 13 November 2019
Location: South Australia
Description: The tender is for the construction of a new sewer trunk main on the eastern sector of Mount Barker.  The project includes the supply, construction and reinstatement of a) 92.6 m DN 500 high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe; b) 632.74 m DN 400 HDPE pipe; c) 175.88 m DN 355 pipe; d) 13 maintenance holes and e) other associated works. The council will consider open trench excavation or directional drilling methodologies.

Underground drainage upgrades (relining works)
Issued by: 
Brimbank City Council
Closing date: 19 November 2019
Location: Victoria
Description: Brimbank City Council intends to rehabilitate some existing stormwater drains within the municipality using no-dig trenchless methods. These works are to be performed at 10 locations.

Hermannsburg – construction of new elevated tank and trunk water main
Issued by: 
Power and Water Corporation
Closing date: 22 November 2019
Location: Northern Territory
Description This project has two components. The first is to increase the height of the elevated tank stand and the elevated storage capacity. The second is to provide a DN 225 trunk water main to deliver adequate pressure and improved water flow into that part of the community currently serviced by the booster pumps system. Also, the decommissioning of two sections of old water mains.

Pound Road to Mount Grey Road watermain
Issued by:
Hurunui District Council
Closing date: 25 November 2019
Location: New Zealand
Description: The project is located at approximately 10 km northwest of Rangiora, which is 30 km north of Christchurch. The proposed watermain runs along Loburn Whiterock Road from the intersection of Pound Road up to Mount Grey Road and consists of approximately 5,600 m of DN 180 PE100 PN16. There are a number of road crossings which will be installed by trenchless methods, the project also consists of SV valves, air-valves and connections.

EOI – HVDC land cable and convertor stations geotechnical investigations
Issued by:
Closing date: 26 November 2019
Victoria and Tasmania
Description: Geotechnical sampling and testing is required at approximately 70 sites to a targeted depth of generally 1.5 m below surface along the route for a potential future underground HVDC cable installation extending approximately 90 km in Victoria between the Latrobe area and a potential landing site location in the Waratah Bay area, and over some 8 km along two routes in the Burnie area in North West Tasmania. Road and river crossings will require use of horizontal directional drilling, with sampling will be to a targeted depth of up to 20 m.

McNeill Street sewer upgrade
Issued by:
Shire of Dalwallinu
Closing date: 29 November 2019
Location: Western Australia
Description: The Shire of Dalwallinu is inviting tenders for the replacement of the sewer within McNeill Street Dalwallinu.

South Wonthaggi sewer upgrades
Issued by:
South Gippsland Water Region Water Corporation
Closing date: 29 November 2019
Location: Victoria
Description South Gippsland Water invites tenders for sewer upgrades at three sites across Wonthaggi. The works consist of upsizing of existing sewer pipework, predominantly via a pipe bursting construction method as follows:

  • Murray Street – 409 m of existing DN 225 EW upsized to DN 355 PE100 PN8
  • McKenzie Street – 241 m of existing DN 150 EW upsized to DN 250 PE100 PN8
  • Coalfields Caravan Park – 310 m of existing DN 225 EW sewer upsized to DN 355 PE100 PN8
  • Graham Street 369 m of existing DN 300 RCP upsized to DN 450 PE100 PN8
  • Wonthaggi Hospital Sewer 80 m of existing DN 150 PVC upsized to DN 250 PE100 PN8 (Provisional Scope)

Construction of Marlboro Drive stormwater pipeline and sedimentation basin
Issued by:
Greater Shepparton City Council
Closing date: 4 December 2019
Location: Victoria
Description: This contract is for the construction of Marlboro Drive drainage pipeline and associated sedimentation basin earthworks at Marlboro Drive development in Kialla, Victoria.

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