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Austeck leads supply of next generation technology

With a national customer network of more than 450 contractors, councils and water authorities, Austeck ensures it stays at the forefront of new technology supplies.

CCTV technology is often used for inspections throughout the trenchless industry because it is suitable on new and old sewer lines, stormwater drains and utility pipelines. The purpose of CCTV inspection is to examine and document the structural integrity and operational condition of the pipes with real-life visibility.

With CCTV inspections a growing resource for asset management, Austeck can now provide the Australian market with the “next generation of CCTV technology” from Germany-based Rausch.

Rausch develops new technology

Rausch has developed RCA 4.0 Full HD that enables the world’s first transmission in full HD with 1,920 by 1,080 pixel resolution using copper cables and no optical fibres, made possible due to specially developed and patented technologies.

The result created improved quality of the inspection data and reduced running cost, based on the simplified service requirements – commencing the next generation of CCTV inspection technology. The RCA 4.0 Full HD system is capable of CCTV inspection from 100 to 2,500 mm with a satellite system capable of inspections from 135 to 1,800 mm.

System components

The RCA 4.0 Full HD system includes an RCA 4.0 Studio, designed with an ergonomic operating concept such as an electrically adjustable desk to ensure a fatigue-free working environment.

The studio comprises the system control with an industrial 15 inch touchscreen PC and two multifunctional joysticks to control the camera and crawler, which are also adjustable by the user. There is digital overlay technology to display both readings and data in various country versions, adjustable text size and colour and a 22 inch CCTV display monitor in full HD.

The digital CCTV technology is recorded in full 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution; however, alternative recording in MPEG4 format – with a 720 by 576 pixel resolution – in possible in the instance that full HD data quantities cannot be processed.

Additionally, ethernet connection for video and data exchange including a documentation PC and software such as PipeCommander, WINCAN and other recording programs.

Austeck’s supply of CCTV technology by Rausch System.

Rear area highlights

The rear area of the system is fitted with a passageway to the studio and a water supply with a hand wash basin for operator ease and comfort.

The cable drum ELKA 600 HD includes an observational monitor, telescopic swivel arm and chain winch with a cable length up to 600 m, while the cable drum Quadtro SAT HD hosts a cable length of 160 m and a push cable of 40 m.

A serial bus system is also included for the control of cable drums, crawlers, cameras and the satellite system, which is applicable for the inspection of laterals in full HD.

For more information visit the Austeck website.

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