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Smart Lock solution on point

With solutions designed to withstand the harshest of climates and conditions, Smart Lock has long been suited to the Australian industry.

Smart Lock aims to produce a cost-effective permanent solution for the repair of underground pipes, without the need for digging. To do so, Smart Lock combined the proven technologies of fiberglass and resign then patched them together with a stainless steel sleeve.

Smart Lock Group General Manager Andrew White says this combination produces a very strong structural repair that provides form, structural integrity and strength back to the host pipe.

“It is a permanent structural repair and will prevent any further infiltration of ground water or tree roots and any further exfiltration of sewerage. The point of repair will be stronger than the original host pipe and more resistant to any further ground movement or mechanical damage,” says Mr White.

Project suitability

Available in sizes from 100 to 750 mm, and with a length of 400 m in length, Smart Lock can be installed in series for longer repair requirements.

As soon as a Smart Lock is installed – in a mere 30 minutes – the installation tools and packer can be removed and contractors can move on as there is no need to wait for curing time. This prompt time frame makes the system suitable for a wide range of stormwater and sewer pipe repair projects.

Contractors can utilise the Smart Lock system to repair broken and damaged pipes; cracks, holes and splits; redundant lateral connections; decoupled and disconnected joints; and voids and pipes needing structural form and integrity.

Additionally, repairs under roadways and intersections often incur major costs for excavations, traffic management and reinstatement, yet Smart Lock is an option that can structurally repair pipes for a fraction of the cost while mitigating traffic disruptions.

High-quality materials

Smart Lock’s Stainless-Steel Sleeve and Locking System is manufactured in Australia using 316 grade stainless steel, which is compliant with ASTM A 240, ASTM A 666 and EN1.4401.

The Application Specific Proprietary Silicate Resin is approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering and specifically formulated for use in sewer systems as it adheres to moist surfaces and has a high resistance to aggressive water.

The fiberglass matting is made from SAERTEX ECR fiberglass to create a heavy-duty two-way glass cloth as it provides significate advantages in acid and alkaline environments and is compliant with ASTM D 578-00, ISO 2078 and DIN 1259-01.

Trenchless advantage

Smart Lock offers many cost, time and usability benefits as it is a trenchless spot repair which reinstates the structural strength and integrity of deformed and damaged pipes. The solution offers a fast and highly productive installation considering the impregnated fibreglass matting is left to cure behind the stainless steel sleeve.

Since localised defects such as cracks and holes, root infestation, offset joints and redundant laterals can be repaired by installing a Smart Lock directly at the location, the system is evidently a cost-effective alternative solution to excavation, relining or pipe replacement.

Additionally, cleaning, root-cutting and relining can occur in the future with no concern for damaging the Smart Lock.

International reach

Considering its strong suitability to the Australian climate, Smart Lock has been positively accepted with more than ten national water authorities and councils approving the system for use in their infrastructure.

Smart Lock Group is continuously reviewing the market for new needs, which is why it is steadily moving into international markets. The Smart Lock unit is now being sold into North America, England, Singapore and South East Asia.

Along with this international expansion, Smart Lock Group is continuously reviewing the market for new innovations and needs and is currently working on a flexible system to cope with vertically displaced joints.

For more information visit the Smart Lock website.

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