WATCH: GPR technology in action

ImpulseRadar’s Raptor 3D GPR Array solution is simple to deploy and allows rapid collection of dense ground penetrating radar (GPR) data.

The Raptor is a high-speed, 3D GPR Array that enables collection of 3D GPR data at speeds in excess of 130 km per hour and 5 cm point intervals.

Due to these survey speeds, the system eliminates the need for traffic control and safety vehicles compared to conventional systems that typically operate at a maximum of 30 km per hour.

The Raptor is available in centre frequencies of 450 MHz and 800 MHz with a 170 MHz variant now available upon special request.

The Raptor-45 (450 MHz) is suitable for utility mapping, archaeological investigations and railway investigations among other applications in busy urban settings.

Impulse Radar says a high-frequency variant – Raptor-HF – will be available by the end of the year.

For more information visit the Impulse Radar website.

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