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Rhino Linings offers premium CIPP solutions

Rhino Linings has manufactured a premium range of CIPP solutions, a method that is increasingly being used by Australian councils and utility companies as a long-term solution to aging pipelines. 

The premium solution can restore partially or completely degraded storm drains, sewer pipes, culverts and industrial pipes using trenchless technology.

The method allows repair breeches to be carried out without the expense of disrupting roads, railways and other public or private property while mitigating disruption to the environment and community.

CIPP epoxies seamlessly mould to a pipe’s internal substrate and effectively restore the pipe’s structural integrity while eliminating weakening joints to increase flow capacity and prevent infiltration and exfiltration.

Rhino Lining’s CIPP solutions cure quickly with a mild 48.8°C heat, can repair pipes from 50.8–2590.8 mm in diameter, effectively line pipes and drain lines with a 90-degree bend and is ASTM F-1216 compliant, assuring its value and quality.

Rhino Linings General Manager Peter Morgan said the company began manufacturing the solution as no one else in Australia manufacturers CIPP resin for applicators or resellers to purchase, other than setting up a franchise.

Now, the company offers a range of hardeners that provide fast, medium or slow curing times depending on the constraints and requirements of a project.

Rhino Linings CIPP resin and hardener system used for pipe rehabilitation has been designed to have a life span of 50 years minimum, saving customers on expenses in the long term.

For more information visit the Rhino Linings website.

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