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Aussie Trenchless on top down under

Aussie Trenchless is maintaining its position as an industry pioneer with a penchant for the unique and innovative.

Aussie Trenchless’ most popular product is a close fitting structural spiral ribbed PVC trenchless pipe lining system known as the SRP EXP. Used for circular sewer and storm water gravity mains, the method has seen an increase in popularity both in Australasia and abroad thanks to its versatility and ease of use.

SRP EXP can be fitted to both standard size access chambers as well as tight spaces with bad access, with the product available for asset profiles from DN 150 to DN 1200. It enhances the hydraulic characteristics of the rehabilitated asset, making it particularly well suited to water applications, while the installation process is unaffected by running infiltration and does not need bypass pumping.

Recently, the spiral lining system was called upon to rehabilitate two corrugated steel stormwater pipes for the Tablelands Regional Council in Queensland, known as the Ravenshoe Project. The pipes were each 750 mm in diameter and 33 m long and while other contractors were approached to rehabilitate the pipes, only Relining Solutions wanted to attempt a project of this calibre.

The pipes were in what could only be described as horrific condition and basically had no base left after rusting away over the years. The only feasible application was Aussie Trenchless’ spiral lining, as this would be a size for size rehabilitation and would have minimal risk of collapsing the existing pipe walls.

With other methodologies the risk of collapsing the walls would be very real, which would possibly result in a need to dig up the road. Being the only road giving the residents access to their properties, this would have been a major concern as digging would be a minimum of one week construction and disruption.

Relining Solutions used the 600 cage and Profile E20 for the application and the contracted engineer was very pleased with the final result and signed off the project with no hesitation.

The corrugated steel pipes at the Ravenshoe project were in terrible condition.

More in the arsenal

While the SRP EXE is at the forefront of Aussie Trenchless’ offerings to the market, the company’s Hot Sleeve Jacket is a product that remains popular among customers. The Hot Sleeve induces a speedy resin cure during patch and seal lining activities which operators are finding can save up to 60 per cent in crew times.

Aussie Trenchless has impressed the market with its Pipe Segment Technology (PST) and its Hot Sleeve Heating Jacket. PST is a man entry lining system using transparent polypropylene lining panels for the rehabilitation of gravity sewer mains.

The Hot Sleeve is used by Aussie Trenchless customers to induce a speedy resin cure during patch and seal lining activities. Estimated to save up to 60 per cent in crew times, the Hot Sleeve is a tight-fitting heating jacket that is secured over a patch inflatable packer to reduce ambient cure period without reducing its life.

Aussie Trenchless has also caught the industry’s attention with its Pipe Segment Technology (PST) – a man entry lining system using transparent polypropylene lining panels for the rehabilitation of gravity sewer mains. Easy to build and fast to implement, PST lining panels are made of polypropylene material which provides a smooth surface with excellent hydraulic performance characteristics.

For more information visit the Aussie Trenchless website.

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