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German-specialist sees Australian-based growth

TRACTO-TECHNIK Germany created its wholly owned subsidiary TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia to strengthen its trenchless solutions’ presence throughout the Australasian market.

Trenchless Australasia sat down with TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia Managing Director Jeffrey Rose to discuss the company’s development and goals for the future.

After spending time at the TRACTO-TECHNIK Germany headquarters and experiencing the hands-on demonstration days offered, Mr Rose’s appreciation grew for the significant benefits of utilising products and solutions from TRACTO-TECHNIK.

Home-grown growth

Mr Rose was appointed Managing Director of TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia two years ago and with this strengthened appreciation has since seen company experience ample growth, both as an organisation itself and throughout the wider industry.

“Our efforts have been rewarded with generous support from the market and in late 2019 we relocated to a larger facility establishing our new headquarters and competence centre in Luscombe, Queensland,” said Mr Rose, with an Open Day to take place at the facility on 29 May 2020.

The larger, more efficient and modern facility will allow TRACTO-TECHNIK to gain a larger footprint in the industry through its capability to hold more inventory, move drills in and out and perform service functions for customers.

Driving forward this growth, Mr Rose looks forward to continuing to raise the company’s profile by meeting the growing industry demand and elevating the awareness of reliable trenchless solutions throughout the region as the official TRACTO-TECHNIK subsidiary in Australia.

Australasian appetite

The industry is experiencing an exciting time with rapid developments creating many interesting projects, which often involve complex underground infrastructure that requires innovative technology solutions.

Due to this rapid infrastructure developments, Mr Rose said the projects are creating opportunities everywhere for TRACTO-TECHNIK products whether it be to move services, remove services or put in new services for gas, water, electricity and telecommunications markets.

“We see opportunities to continue to grow in our horizontal directional drilling (HDD) installed client base. We plan to introduce more clients to our drills – their superior design, intuitive user-friendly operation and maintenance systems and the reliable performance,” says Mr Rose.

Yet, customers need to not only be aware of the options, but also be willing to try these products to experience the innovations. Fortunately, Mr Rose said the Australasian industry has demonstrated its “strong appetite for innovative solutions utilising the latest technology.”

Customer focused

Along with feeding this hunger for innovative technology, Mr Rose believes thriving in the Australasian market is reliant on being a client focused organisation and offering more consultative engagement.

According to Mr Rose, the market is seeking a partner to offer “smart, sustainable and economic benefits,” rather than solely a supplier. To meet these needs, TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia prioritises its customers by ensuring they know them personally, talking to them on a regular basis and making sure the company is always easy to get a hold of.

“We have a relatively simple approach,” says Mr Rose. “Underpinned by our core values, we make sure we are easy to work with; always available and ready to assist with a positive and respectful attitude. Our principal ambition is to uphold our strong reputation for client focus building long term relationships.”

In building such relationships, Mr Rose says, “Personally,  I am all about face-to-face. The more people that we talk to, I think the better things are.”

Seeing is believing

This face-to-face focus ranges from attending technical forums, exhibiting at conferences across the globe and even visiting customers on local projects. By doing so, TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia can develop an interest through not only its current clientele, but other asset owners and contractors.

Mr Rose also says that TRACTO-TECHNIK’s German-based colleagues are readily available to come to the Australian market to deliver technical presentations and the company is happy to provide demonstrations of its technology and discuss its solutions at conferences and exhibitions all across the globe.

The essence of the company’s culture is to always be ready to represent the product and company in the best light, as Mr Rose believes if you promote yourself as a leader, that’s how you need to behave as well.

Flexibility is key

Moving forward, TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia wants to overcome the industry challenges – such as a lack of skills or unreliable customer service – it has noticed in the past.

With new trade and finance options available from the company, Mr Rose says, “Now we understand we have to be more flexible in our dealings. If [a client] can’t manage the cost, we can come up with some other solutions.”

To increase accessibility, TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia offers an in-house solution for offering finance proposals and trade options of its equipment. Mr Rose says these are options that the company did not offer a year ago yet are now strongly committed to in its primary focus of “being more flexible for the customer.”

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