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Bucher Municipal releases new machinery

The company’s brand new FlexLine®360 vacuum body has arrived at its Melbourne premises.

Bucher Municipal’s FlexLine® range has multi-purpose abilities suited for private household work, water companies and industrial clients.

With the scope to clean blocked service lines and drains, complete preventative and emergency cleaning of sewer mains, empty and clean septic tanks and clean tanks and oil separators, Bucher Municipal said it could not be happier to have the latest version of the machinery arrive.

“This innovative, state-of-the-art product delivers high payloads and class leading manoeuvrability. Stay tuned to see our finished product soon!” the company announced on social media.

The machinery’s movable partition provides a variable tank size and a flexibility of applications and volume, meaning operators do not need to know how much water and sludge they need to take before commencing the application.

This flexibility allows users to solve most tasks with fewer axles, resulting in less maintenance on the chassis and lower operating costs.

Bucher Municipal Australia’s head office is based in Clayton, Victoria with additional branches across the country.

For more information visit the Bucher Municipal website.

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