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Rangedale starts industrial sanitising

Rangedale Draining Services has implemented an industrial sanitising application to assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

The company has partnered with a leading chemical solutions manufacturer to create a product that kills COVID-19 on surfaces in less than a minute.

By using its industrial cleaning trucks, Rangedale can sanitise large scale areas that are either known to be affected or possibly affected by the virus – where it is believed it could potentially live for up to 9 days.

There are multiple methods of application for the sanitisation solution, all of which contain and reduce the spread of the disease while still practicing social distancing measures.

Rangedale has an active workforce of 260 personnel with a large fleet of more than 45 industrial combination cleaning and jet washing units in addition to other assets.

The company is serving areas such as – but not limited to – construction sites, machinery, train stations, wharf terminals, carparks, supermarkets and more.

With business locations in Melbourne, Wangaratta and Sydney, Rangedale can ensure fast mobilisation if or when its industrial sanitation is required.

For more information visit the Rangedale website.

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