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Insituform’s new high strength junction seal

Insituform, with its local partner Ibtech, has released Latseal, a significant advancement in the sealing of sewer junctions.

Latseal consists of silicate resin reinforced with a woven glass providing superior strength and thinner wall thickness than traditional glass felts, but it’s underpinned by two further advancements.

First, an error-proof, pre-packaged resin that improves the quality of the final cured product through dependable and repeatable mixing consistency, with an added environmental advantage including application controls to eliminate spillage or site mess.

Secondly, Latseal is installed using an innovative, patent-pending packer system to insert, inflate and install the seal.

This new packer design makes the installation process safer and a quantum step faster, saving time on site and costly rework.

Insituform’s first Latseal sealing truck modifications have taken place, with in-the-field training modules rolled out with crews and operators.

The company anticipates all Insituform crews will employ this technology nationwide within months.

Insituform is a part of the Killard Group.

For more information visit the Killard Group website.

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