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WSP appoints new executive

Jamie Maslen has been appointed the new National Technical Executive of Asset Management at WSP’s Advisory Group.

With rapidly changing and uncertain operating conditions in the infrastructure sector, asset owners are looking to ensure business continuity while simultaneously building resilience in their assets.

WSP said it has appointed Mr Maslen as the new National Technical Executive due to his focus on helping clients maximise the value of their infrastructure assets for communities and future generations.

Mr Maslen.

With more than 25 years of experience, Mr Maslen specialises in leading transformational strategic asset management projects and programs in accordance with the International Standard for Asset Management (ISO 55001).

Mr Maslen has worked for various government and private organisations spanning a range of sectors including transport, power and water.

Mr Maslen said, particularly during these unprecedented times, there’s an imperative for clients to adapt their investment and management priorities, as well as re-establishing working platforms in new ways.

“I’m passionate about helping our clients get a better understanding of their challenges, and craft holistic solutions to address these,” said Mr Maslen.

“My roles on the Asset Management Council (AUS) Body of Knowledge Thought Leadership Team, as a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) in ISO55000 through World Partners in Asset Management, and as a Foundation Editor for the Civil Engineers UK Asset Management Journal, allows me to approach challenges differently, by leveraging trends and industry best practice to deliver better outcomes for our communities.”

WSP National Executive of Strategic Asset Management Michael Van Doornik said the WSP Advisory Group delivers value by working in partnership with its clients to identify opportunities that maximise the service value of their assets by managing risk and maximising performance.

“We use a variety of skillsets and techniques from data analytics, geospatial mapping and augmented reality to provide deep insights to clients on their assets,” said Mr Doornik.  

“Effective strategic asset management is integrated and cross-functional. WSP’s strength is in combining our strategic advisory capability with solid engineering expertise underpinned with a depth of understanding their assets and industry knowledge.”

For more information visit the WSP website.

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