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ASTT kick starts webinar series

The inaugural webinar of ASTT’s online trenchless forums was held yesterday with many attendees deeming the event a success.

Due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, the ASTT has begun holding webinars in place of its in-person trenchless forums with the series commencing on 23 July 2020.

Yesterday, Interflow Emerging Markets Manager Will Zillmann delivered a presentation on prominent water main renewable challenges faced throughout the industry.

Recently, Mr Zillmann said, the maximum time period a main can be left out of service is becoming shorter as technological capabilities increase, with planned interruptions setting the benchmark.

However, the significant challenge remains of questioning whether to remove, abandon or reuse the pipes due to the difficult areas they are situated.

“The largest cohort of failing assets are in urban locations typified by congested service corridors, paved roads and footpaths and high number of affected customers,” he said.

Along with these failing assets, Mr Zillmann said there has been a “historical underestimate in asset renewals which has led to budget shortfalls,” and the focus for budget-spend is predominately on visible projects such as road restorations.

“Pipelines are still seen as the poor cousin,” said Mr Zillmann.

“However, individuals in urban utilities expect an exponential increase in breaks over the next five years,” correlating with an increase in renewals.

Due to this increase, the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) has commissioned the CRC-P project for smart linings and coatings where trials and testing is being undertaken to create standards and codes of practice that increase confidence in the adoption of trenchless technology.

“WSAA said this is not so much of a solution, but a journey to a range of solutions.”

Included in this range of solutions is Interflow’s new product RediFlow™, a technology bundle of the company’s pre-existing Titeflow® H112 and Infrastop®.

The ‘Redi’ title, Mr Zillman explained, stands for reliable, environmentally friendly, durable and innovative.

Interflow aims to give its clients long-term performance with this single, integrated product while simultaneously reducing a project’s carbon footprint.

The next ASTT webinar will take place on 20 August.

For more information visit the ASTT website.  

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