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A wide range of relining successes

With the company’s longstanding philosophy “keep it running”, Rangedale offers the expertise, capability, resources and scale to take on projects large and small – evident in its recent relining successes throughout the state.

The trenchless technology expert has added new systems to its existing range of rehabilitation products and increased its relining capabilities, which now include ultraviolet (UV) lining, inversion, fibreglass patching and Smart Lock technologies.

Rangedale has exemplified its capabilities on a recent major infrastructure project utilising the use of high-definition CCTV, high-pressure water jetting, patching and UV lining over a two-month period to rehabilitate the damaged storm water assets.

Due to the heavy-traffic location, Rangedale was required to create a works methodology to offer a solution that avoided disruptive excavation work. First, Rangedale used its CCTV cameras to ascertain the asset’s condition and completed drain cleaning requirements to mitigate any sharp or other potential hazards that could damage the liner during installation.

By using its new state of the art relining system, Rangedale used UV light during the installation process to reduce curing time, increasing productivity and allowing a cost-effective trenchless rehabilitation solution with minimal impact to key stakeholders and the community.

On another recent project, Rangedale continued to demonstrate its relining capabilities by completing a 100 linear metre UV reline on a DN 225 live sewer. Rangedale said concrete slurry from adjacent construction works infiltrated the sewer network then cured, causing a significant blockage issue.

The use of specialised robotics were then implemented by Rangedale for a duration of approximately two weeks to remove the concrete with cutting and grinding tooling.

Upon completion of the removal, Rangedale installed the liner to rehabilitate the damaged sewer.

The UV system consists of a flexible tube made of glass fibre that is impregnated with a reaction resin composition and then pulled into place in drains and expanded using air pressure before the curing process is completed. The finished product is a statically stable, seamless, flexible pipe.

Turnkey solutions

Rangedale offers complete in-house, innovative turnkey solutions, providing the best rehabilitation technologies and methodologies while ensuring the asset owner and end user receive great value.

For these listed projects, Rangedale installed approximately 50 Smart Locks that were manufactured locally and specifically for the task, including sizes of DN 825, DN 1050, DN 1800 and DN 2250, demonstrating the company’s full service approach to its projects.

Rangedale’s relining methodologies can be employed for all pipe and sewer rehabilitation and are applicable to drainage materials such as concrete, steel, vitrified clay, fibre cement, glass reinforced plastic, un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, high-density polyethylene and cast iron.

By using its new UV lining system in collaboration with existing rehabilitation solutions, Rangedale can reduce curing times and provide a cost-effective rehabilitation solution through an environmentally friendly process.

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