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Aussie Trenchless moves FNQ project forward

As trenchless technology continues to make its mark as the preferred installation method for underground infrastructure, Aussie Trenchless remains at the forefront of the industry with innovative new products and technology.

Growing in popularity

The company’s flagship product is a close fitting structural spiral ribbed PVC trenchless pipe lining system titled the SRP EXP. Used for circular sewer and storm gravity mains, the method continues to grow in popularity and will now be used on the recently-awarded FNQ project.

When the SRP EXP is installed, asset operators will extend the service life of a system by more than 50 years. Although designed to fit standard size access chambers, the product is also ideal for tight spaces or those with limited access.

Since the installation process is its unaffected by running infiltration and does not require bypass pumping, SRP EXP is well suited to water applications, particularly as it also enhances the hydraulic characteristics of the rehabilitated asset.

Aussie Trenchless Director Chris Meredith says he has seen significant growth in the implementation of this trenchless solution both around the world and here in Australia, where it continues to be implemented in relining projects, including in its repeat customer Relining Solutions’ upcoming contract.

Major improvements were already evident in the middle of the Ravenshoe Project.

Customers keep coming back

Relining Solutions is not the company’s only repeat customer, Mr Meredith says, with an international customer based in Taiwan ordering more supplies to be delivered in September this year.

“In 2019, the customer purchased 50,000 linear metres and have since been installing that,” says Mr Meredith.

“They have now placed another order of 60,000 linear metres, which are being manufactured as we speak.”

Mr Meredith says the customer is an active player in the Taiwan sewer industry has been for a substantial amount of time, often using Aussie Trenchless supplies for its projects.

Mr Meredith adds that this is an example of how customers are taking advantage of the product, with the company also receiving lots of market feedback indicating it is one of the most financially viable and efficient systems available.

“Like all efficient trenchless methods, the spiral lining system helps ensure the project’s aboveground footprint is minimised as much as possible, which includes the land and environment itself, as well as the day-to-day lives of the public in surrounding areas,” says Mr Meredith.

A successful range

While the SRP EXP is at the forefront of Aussie Trenchless’ market offerings, the company’s Hot Sleeve Jacket is also popular due to its prompt resin curing times.

The Hot Sleeve is a tight-fitting heating jacket that is secured over a patch inflatable packer to reduce ambient cure period without any life reduction, saving operators up to 60 per cent in crew times.

The Ravenshoe Project beginning to improve after showing severe signs of deterioration.

Aussie Trenchless also offers the market a man entry lining system using transparent polypropylene lining panels for the rehabilitation of gravity sewer mains, namely its Pipe Segment Technology (PST). PST is easy and fast to implement with lining panels made of polypropylene material providing a smooth surface and excellent hydraulic performance characteristics.

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