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GM the go-to in WA

GM Microtunnelling is at the forefront of trenchless technology through its expertise in sewerage, water and drainage works.

With 40 years of experience in the industry, the company has established itself as one of Western Australia’s most knowledgeable underground infrastructure companies.

GM Microtunnelling is part of WA’s history in the trenchless industry, with General Manager Gary Miller’s father Jim responsible for purchasing the first horizontal boring machine in the state. Gary and Jim recognised the increasing demand for this brand of underground construction and quickly established a name for themselves by winning contracts for various vital water and gas works.

The company adapted and progressed as the technology continued to improve through the decades and, although Jim eventually retired, GM continues as a family business today with Gary’s son and grandson both a part of the team.

Comprehensive knowledge

As both a primary or subcontractor, GM has installed pipelines beneath buildings, highways, railroads, runaways, rivers and environmentally sensitive areas. The company is capable of tunnelling through hard rock up to 660 m OD as well as cobbles, boulders, gravel, clay, sand and silts up to 800 mm OD, with its trenchless methods particularly suited to gravity sewer, water and drainage pipelines.

GM often works together with project engineers to provide planning and technical advice on a project and is able to set itself ahead of the pack thanks to its extensive knowledge of ground conditions throughout WA. Along with its local knowledge, the company has expert proficiency in the operation of a large variety of tunnelling machines including the Grundomat range and Essig air tools, along with auger, ramming, pipe bursting, pilot and slurry microtunnel boring machines (MTBMs).

With four complete systems in its fleet, GM can currently tunnel from 150 to 800 mm pipe to line and grade using polyvinyl chloride, concrete, vitrified clay, glass reinforced plastic and steel pipes. The company has its fingerprints over a large range of significant infrastructure projects in WA and is continuing to stay busy while the trenchless method of construction gains a greater standing as the approach of choice for many asset owners.

Some of GM’s works include the completed installation of a gravity sewer in Wungong Reach with a DN 650 Hobas pipe after a 1,200 m bore at a depth of 6.5 m. At Heron Park in Harrisdale, GM completed a 450 m bore at a depth of 9 m for a gravity sewer using DN 600 steel casing, while the company was able to bore 300 m at a depth of 5.5 m for a gravity sewer in Parkland Heights, Baldivis.

GM is a fully accredited contractor operating in line with integrated management system standards ISO9001 2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 and is an approved Tier 3 Water Corporation supplier.

Though it has already acquired a vast wealth of industry knowledge and experience, the company intends to lead the trenchless technology industry through its consistent embrace of new methods and innovative ideas. GM is regularly participating in and encouraging the training of new personnel in the industry and places the upmost importance on its quality of service.

This article was featured in the September 2020 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

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