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SECA keeps the job moving

A top distributor throughout the Australasian region of international CCTV brand iPEK, SECA promises to deliver a solution that gets workers back on the job as soon as possible.

More than 30 years ago, iPEK developed its first black and white camera system for CCTV inspections in Germany. Since then, the company has grown to become a leading global provider of a wide product range, comprising sophisticated and high-quality pipeline inspection systems.

In Australia and New Zealand, these products are available from one of the world’s leading pipe inspection system suppliers, SECA. With more than three decades of experience supplying and supporting the region, SECA is equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to keep any job moving.

The iPEK AGILIOS Pan Tilt Push Camera System is one of SECA’s most sought after products.

iPEK pipe inspection cameras

SECA supplies a wide range of pipe inspection products and two of its leading systems are iPEK’s AGILIOS Push Camera System and ROVION Tractor Inspection System, which are both built for professional pipe inspections.

The AGILIOS system comprises a coiler with a reinforced and flexible push rod that comes in two lengths, 60 m and 100 m, an easy to use control panel with an axial camera and pan and title camera available. The AGILIOS system is suitable for inspections starting at 50 mm diameter and upwards.

Both the AGILIOS and ROVION systems can be controlled by the same multi-functional VC500 control panel, allowing inspections to be carried out according to predefined standards, including those of Water Services Australia (WSA) and the New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual (NZPIM). With self-explanatory handling, an ergonomic design and robust construction, both systems ensures utmost efficiency for asset inspections. Currently, there are more than 700 iPEK systems in operation across Australia and NZ, inspecting small pipes and large pipes alike.

Equally popular is the iPEK ROVION Tractor Inspection System – known as the single system with all the options.

The system includes a high-resolution zoom camera suitable for pipes from 95 mm to 2,000 mm and has a flexible cable length of 200 m to 500 m. Along with its modular design allowing for future growth and expansion, the system offers multiple configurations to suit any operational needs.

The ROVION and AGILIOS are perfect for any sewer, stormwater, civil and local government inspections. With the optional embedded WinCan reporting software, reports are created to WSA and NZPIM standards and seamlessly work with WinCan VX reporting software.

Since its founding in 2014, Auckland-based CCTV inspection company PipeVision has been using cameras from SECA. Managing Director Peter Knight says the AGILIOS and ROVION cameras are greatly beneficial with many standout features.

“Being able to use the same controller for both systems is a great advantage and it’s easier to train and maintain the equipment,” says Mr Knight.

“Ease of upload to the cloud for both systems [is beneficial] also.”

With 14 ROVION cameras in use and six AGILIOS push cameras being used daily, Mr Knight says PipeVision is able to upload all footage directly to WinCan Web and deliver it straight to its clients, creating a seamless process.

SECA’s full support

SECA says all the products it supplies are fully supported by its in-house factory trained technicians, now working across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Specialised jetting trailer and truck services are available in Sydney only, including performance testing for flow rate diagnostics and nozzle size testing to improve performance and reduce costs.

Mr Knight attests to this full support service, saying SECA provides “excellent support and have always helped us when we need it so I would have no hesitation in recommending them and the systems to anyone.”

Versatility and consistency

In addition to its iPEK range and support, SECA says it also holds stock and parts of a wide range of other global, leading brands. Currently, the company also supplies Quickview, Envirosight, Kepso, Dancutter, Cherne, Piranha Hose, ENZ Nozzles, Rioned, US Jetting, RootX, Southland tools and WinCan and are also agents for local brands Mass Products and Jetwave.

SECA says with its numerous service and support team members across five locations across Australia and NZ, it has grown to be the largest, most qualified service team throughout the region.

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