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IBSA continues public consultation

AUSJET/ADCVA is continuing a review through IBSA Group for high pressure water jetting, drain cleaning and vacuum loading training packages.

AUSJET/ADCVA initiated a review of the training packages through IBSA, which is now in the second round of the public consultation phase.

Through the process, AUSJECT/ADCVA has lobbied to have a new unit of competency (UOC) added to cover hydro excavation after some operators were unable to comply with the training requirements for Class B high pressure pumps used on some units due to the limited existing UOC’s.

IBSA is now seeking feedback on the draft UOC’s and skill sets for the MSM Manufacturing Training Package; IBSA asks that the Consultation Paper is referred to prior to providing feedback.

The second public consultation round is now open and will conclude on 21 August 2020, with feedback to be emailed to before this deadline.

IBSA will also be holding a consultation session via zoom on Thursday 20 August 2020.

To participate in the session, register here by COB Monday 17 August.

For more information visit the IBSA website.

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