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SA Water appoints new CFO

Jacqueline Guerin is SA Water’s new Chief Financial Officer, bringing the organisation’s female representation in the senior leadership team up to three-quarters.

Ms Guerin will bring more than 30 years’ experience in senior financial roles within professional services, manufacturing, infrastructure and defence to her new position, and will join SA Water at the beginning of its 2020–24 regulatory period.

SA Water said this new appointment now shows three-quarters of individuals in the company’s senior leadership team are women, or five of seven.

The company also said 50 per cent of its non-executive board directors are female as well.

Ms Guerin said there are wide reaching benefits to having better female representation at all levels, yet businesses need to continue thinking broadly when it comes to improving workplace diversity.

“Having more women around the table is really important, but you also need people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, physical abilities and age groups,” she said.

“From my own professional experience, a greater range of perspectives provides diversity of thought, leading to better ideas and decisions.

“In the water sector in particular – where I’ve worked for the past eight years – I am seeing improvements, with tailored industry development programs and policies, and outward support from industry leaders.

“It’s terrific to know SA Water has a diversity and inclusion strategy which actively seeks opportunities for women as well as new and emerging employees, and prioritises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and retention, and a flexible and inclusive workforce,” said Ms Guerin.

The other female members of SA Water’s Senior Leadership team are General Manager of Asset, Operations and Delivery Amanda Lewry; General Manager of Customers, Strategy and Innovation Anna Jackson; General Manager of Governance, Planning and Regulation Anne Westley; and General Manager of Customer Delivery Kerry Rowlands.

For more information visit the SA Water website.

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