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A Mainstream solution for unique challenges

Mainstream Industries has provided industrial services for more than 25 years, with the company’s growth attributed to strong relationships with clients.

Based in New South Wales with services across the country, Mainstream Industries’ trenchless capabilities include high pressure water blasting underground utility locations; drain and pipeline cleaning; CCTV pipeline inspections hydro excavation and pipeline pigging.

Mainstream Industries says it has become an industry leader by providing a world class interactive, integrated management system, the latest technology in equipment and training its personnel to the highest possible standard.

“Our wide range of services offer a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for your locating, hydro excavation, pipeline cleaning, CCTV inspection and waste removal needs.”

Locating underground services

Mainstream uses the latest technology and precision electromagnetic and RF Marker location. This technology, combined with highly trained and experienced operators provides a safe working environment for all personnel involved in ground excavation. Mainstream says locating underground cables, gas pipes, copper pipes, communication and electrical cables prior to excavation provides its clients with peace of mind.

Mainstream adds the locating of underground utilities goes hand in hand with its industrial vacuum loading combination units.

A non-destructive, non-invasive solution

Mainstream Industries offers the non-destructive, non-invasive process of hydro excavation, which uses pressurised water and vacuum to excavate soil. Unlike conventional excavation methods, hydro excavation mitigates damage to underground services such as fibreoptic, stormwater lines, electricity cables and sewer lines.

Mainstream’s large fleet of industrial vacuum loading and combination units ensure client timelines are maintained through efficient delivery of services.

Compared to traditional methods, hydro excavation is a safer, more cost-effective solution.

High-pressure water blasting

In addition to its hydro and vacuum excavation capabilities, Mainstream Industries is also a specialist in high and ultra-high-pressure water jetting.

For high-pressure water jetting needs, the company has fully self-contained mobile units available in 4WD, capable of carrying up to 4,800 L of water and can be accompanied with registered standpipes issued by Hunter Water.

Mainstream’s experience in high-pressure water jetting allows for the safe and effective cleaning of infrastructure, plant and equipment. Mainstream offer high-pressure water jetting from 4,000 PSI up to an impressive 36,250 PSI.

Drain cleaning and CCTV inspection

The business model designed by Mainstream Industries allows for an entire service from start to finish, including utility locating, hydro excavation, drain cleaning and CCTV inspection. The use of the combination vacuum unit allows for a thorough clean, removing blockages and debris, with all waste removed from site and transported to an approved waste facility. Mainstream’s EPA transporter of waste licence ensures the tracking of waste is managed in accordance with EPA requirements.

Ensuring pipeline structures are sound is completed using the latest technology in CCTV inspection equipment. Mainstream’s use of the Kummert Profi 3 with the F-200 Crawler utilises WinCan software for digital video recording and enhanced still imaging to complete CCTV inspections and generate reports that provide a clear representation of a pipeline’s condition.

“Clients are given peace of mind with our 24-hour, seven days a week emergency service,” says Mainstream Industries.

A team you can trust

Mainstream Industries prides itself on its commitment to fulfil each project safely and successfully by implementing several lines of communication to ensure it delivers what it promised, on time and every time.

Mainstream’s award-winning management systems and training programs have seen the company expand its fleet and diversify across all areas of industrial cleaning services, resulting in numerous contract awards across the mining, power, civil and supportive industries.

“Providing our operators with an interactive integrated management system has given them ownership and the inclusiveness of being part of the team,” the company says. Mainstream adds its clients have also seen the benefits with access to the system and a comprehensive overview of day to day workings providing real time monitoring capabilities.

Mainstream Industries is evidently committed to providing excellence throughout all areas of the business. The commitment to continuous improvement, development and embracing technology is paramount to the company’s success.

This article was featured in the September 2020 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

For more information visit the Mainstream website.

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