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KAISER jets to the top in Australia

KAISER brings top of the line European engineering to Australian shores with its high-quality range of sewer cleaning equipment and machinery.

The company recognises the growing need for efficient, high-performance sewer cleaning vehicles and continues to lead the industry charge towards greater technologies.

On the world stage, the foundations for KAISER were set more than 100 years ago, with the same principles of professionalism, technological advancement and strong customer service continuing to permeate through the business in its Australian arm. On an international level, KAISER is a third-generation family company that has evolved into an industrial enterprise with manufacturing sites in six countries.

KAISER specialises in the design, engineering and manufacture of world class vacuum and jetting vehicles for water recycling, sewer, stormwater, hydraulic excavation, industrial and dry suction applications. The company also designs and manufacturers pumps, components and walking excavators for the global market.

KAISER CEO Markus Kaiser says it is the continuity of its innovative developments that creates the healthy global brand that exists today.

“We are aware of the fact that innovations – aimed at added value for the customer – are key to maintaining our technological edge and to extending our leadership position in the future,” he says.

“That is why KAISER invests in pioneering product strategies, customer proximity, a strong branding policy and, last but not least, a powerful corporate culture.”

KAISER has extensive industry experience throughout Europe and the rest of the world, with its technology and development department playing a key role within the business. Since 1957, the company has specialised in vehicle mounted pressure/vacuum and jetting equipment, as well as mobile walking excavators, and kept these as its primary focus.

Unlike other manufacturers in the industry, KAISER has a singular concentration on high performance sewer cleaning vehicles, allowing the company to dedicate all its technological innovation to the sector.

KAISER also attaches great importance to professional consulting and customer care, with customers able to rely on experienced and technically accomplished employees. Professionalism in direct customer contact takes top priority but, for KAISER, selling a product marks a beginning and not an end.

The company escorts and supports its customers through the entirety of its product experience so they can fully exploit the potential of its vehicles and achieve their own business goals.

Making an impact in Australia

KAISER has a strong history within Australia, having notably built one of the biggest recycling vehicles ever produced for the City of Brisbane in 1993. This unit featured seven driven axles, two pressure convertors (680 L/min at 200 bar), liquid ring pump (6,000 m3/hr or 3,530 cfm), double high-pressure hose and two auxiliary engines. The unit was affectionately known as the KAISER MegaCombi and helped begin the strong relationship that still exists between the company and Flexible Drainage, then known as Flexible Pipe Cleaning Tools, today.

At the start of 2020, KAISER made the decision to come to the Australian market to directly support its existing customers and build on its reputation. Unlike other suppliers, KAISER in Australia is part of the same entity as the international brand, rather than being a third-party intermediary business.

The new face of KAISER in Australia is National Area Manager Kristian Stamenkovic who has extensive experience in the vacuum truck industry including with a variety of customer-built light, medium and heavy vehicles and specialised capital equipment. Mr Stamenkovic has more than a decade of experience in consulting, designing and selling trucks and other specialist equipment, which, coupled with his extensive background in construction and demolition, gives KAISER a local representative that exemplifies the company’s global structure of customer focused support and technical knowledge.

The company is also continuing its more than 20-year relationship with National Environmental Equipment (NATEE), which provides after sales service and support for KAISER in Australia. Clients can contact NATEE for local service and maintenance support, the supply of spare parts and training throughout the country.

Undeniable quality

KAISER now supplies its world-leading vacuum recycling, combination, hydro vacuum and jetting units directly to the Australian market. One of its most popular vehicles in the region has been the class leading and versatile AquaStar, standing as the latest generation of KAISER’s sewer and drain cleaning and industrial disposal series that sets new standards in efficient sewer and drain cleaning and water recycling.

Its extremely versatile capabilities are thanks to a modern design and striking new features including a remote controlled centre dividing door, multiple jetting hose sizes and the combined hose boom, along with proven in-house designed and manufactured high-power components KDU water pump, KWP vacuum pump and Single Stage Water Recycling RotoMax System. This unit can operate in all sewer, stormwater, hydro excavation, pit cleaning and industrial disposal conditions, with a maximum jetting capacity of 500 L/min and a maximum water pressure of 200 bar.

The vacuum pump delivers a maximum air flow of up to 4,000 m3/h, while the combined jetting and suction hose boom can take a suction hose length of up to 20 m and with the flexibility of the boom – offering 300° swivel and telescoping functions as well as up and down movements – further expands the working range.

The ultramodern KAISERtronic control system has enabled further optimisation of the hydraulic drive and output-regulated pumps that only deliver the capacity required, making the entire KAISER Water Recycling range decidedly more fuel-efficient while still providing consistently high performance. Additionally, the integrated remote maintenance system and even simpler handling enhance the operational efficiency of the vehicles and facilitate maintenance.

KAISER is also offering the new generation of its ECO 3.0 range, which features increased freshwater volume with a simultaneous significant payload increase. The vehicle is equipped with standard features such as the RotoMax, KDU, KWP and KAISERtronic control system where all relevant operating statuses are visualised by modern graphics on the remote control and control panel, while jetting and vacuuming capacity can be set independently of one another.

The ECO 3.0 is reliable even in the toughest conditions and has continually proved its worth as one of the superior choices on the Australian market.

For flexibility, KAISER’s Elegance 2.0 uses triplex plunger pumps that are available for the high-pressure system and positive displacement blowers for the vacuum system, with the respective pumps located between the driver’s cab and the tank.

This is performed by means of the power take-off on the carrier vehicle or a separate intermediate gearbox. KAISER has just redesigned a new range of Elegance 2.0 units featuring 6×4 hydrovac, 8×4 hydrovac, 6×4 combination and 8×4 combination units specifically designed and engineered to meet Australia’s unique market and conditions.

KAISER currently has the AquaStar III 8×4 Water Recycling unit and CityCycler 6×2 Water Recycling unit available in Australia, while the ECO 3.0 8×4 Water Recycling unit, Elegance 2.0 6×4 Combination unit and Elegance 2.0 6×4 HydroVac are in production.

KAISER’s wide range of recycling, combination, hydrovac and jetting units are designed to meet the highest performance requirements with the flexibility to handle a wide range of applications. Vehicles can be adapted to suit each respective customer’s requirements and the KAISER team will continue to work with buyers after a purchase has been made to ensure a maximum performance guarantee.

KAISER prides itself on meeting each and every customer need, drawing on its six decades of vacuum and jetting equipment experience to fulfil any requirement.

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