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Hitting the hydro excavation bullseye

Direct Hit Sewer Nozzles’ new Australian-made heavy-duty reverse turbo nozzle is the first nozzle designed specifically for the hydro excavation industry.

With a five year life expectancy, individual parts that need minimum maintenance and rotor kits that only require replacement every three months to a year, the sustainable product is the solution Australian hydro excavation companies have been asking for.

Direct Hit Director Jim Paris says a common problem for hydro excavation contractors is the nozzles used often break down after only a few uses, meaning they need to be constantly replaced, wasting both time and money.

Working directly with different hydro excavation companies across Australia, Direct Hit asked what their main problems were on projects and then developed a solution to mitigate these issues: the Heavy Duty Hydro Excavation Turbo Nozzle – 18 Degree.

Designed for the industry

The nozzle provides a high impact, controlled rotation with a water stream that offers a greater impact and cutting efficiency than other nozzles, reducing the labour cost of projects. This improved cutting efficiency compared to other rotating nozzles also reduces water consumption by up to 25 per cent.

With a locked-in position of the seat, it cannot move inwards towards the rotor meaning no damage can occur and the rotor can be dismantled on site to be cleaned from any debris and get the project back up and running.

Additionally, the nozzle’s individual parts can be replaced as needed rather than having to purchase an entirely new nozzle if it gets damaged or worn. It also comes with an outside protection cover that can be replaced by screwing it off and putting a new cover on, again without having to replace the entire nozzle.

A money-saving investment

Mr Paris says the new product fixes the problems that existed with nozzles having to be constantly replaced.

“Now, you can have a nozzle that you can just use and maintain, it is not a throwaway product,” he says.

The nozzle is designed in a way that the operator out on the site can take it apart and make it work again, rather than having to constantly invest in replaceable nozzles.

Mr Paris says the nozzle is the solution the hydro excavation needed, a long-lasting product that increases operators’ efficiency levels and subsequently their productivity. As users no longer need to take a nozzle offsite and constantly replace them, the Heavy Duty Hydro Excavation Turbo Nozzle – 18 Degree is saving both time and money.

This article was featured in the September 2020 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

For more information visit the Direct Hit Sewer Nozzles’ website.

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