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Top quality trucks vac in town

Vac Dig is a leading manufacturer and supplier of non-destructive digging equipment, bringing the best technology to market with friendly customer service.

From small beginnings, the family-owned business has thrived to become one of the sector’s most trusted companies.

Vac Dig General Manager Marc Farrall has spent decades in the utilities sector and has seen the needs of the industry grow and change over time. After 17 years working in horizontal directional drilling (HDD), Mr Farrall spotted a need for non-destructive digging (NDD) equipment that was not yet readily available.

“Market research also highlighted that most of the equipment available was imported and restricted to fixed designs,” says Mr Farrall.

“Having direct access to our family engineering business, we set about designing and manufacturing our first vac truck, designed to my specific needs, all Australian made and built to suit our demanding environment. Our first truck went into service with my drilling company in 2010 and immediately attracted much interest from colleagues and the Australian market in general.

“From these humble beginnings Vac Dig commenced commercial production in 2011 and has never looked back.”

Today, Vac Dig uses the latest innovative technologies and manufacturing methods to position itself as a leading NDD equipment supplier in Australia. Mr Farrall says the company refuses to compromise on premium components and selects the best materials to maximise performance, payloads, reliability and, most importantly, its customer’s profitability.

“Unlike many other companies, we have the benefit of operating our equipment in the field, on real jobs, giving us the ability to fine tune performance, improve ease of operation and safety,” he says.

“We pride ourselves on our after sales service and product back up; it’s second to none. Our entrepreneurial, innovative and progressive approach to all that we do will continue to place us ahead of the rest and we are proudly Australian made. Manufacturing in Australia is vital to our future prosperity.”

A Vac Dig HVD 7,000 L vacuum excavator.

The SVD Range

Vac Dig’s SVD Range of trucks is one of the most efficient and reliable machines currently available to the Australian market, with a range of useful features to suit a range of job circumstances. The truck’s hydraulic system is driven by heavy duty oil bath clutch PTO’s with close coupled Hydro Leduc Industrial standard bent axis piston pumps, while the integrated engine RPM control is installed and pre-set to raise the truck RPM level to up to two pre-set RPM ranges.

Equipped with a Jurop Helix 750 air injected blower, the system has specific and accurate lobe profiles granting high volumetric efficiency and high flow rates combined with minimised dimensions and vacuum rates that can reach 93 per cent of 28 inHg of vacuum.

The SVD Range is available in vacuum tank capacities of 7,000 and 10,000 L for debris and the tanks are constructed from 6 mm steel. The trucks also have a capacity of 2,000 L for water integrated into the debris tank with an option for larger capacities, while 20 m of 3/8 high pressure hose on a retractable reel, a 1.2 m potholing lance with turbo nozzle and a 1.2 m, 6 inch (152 mm) suction comes standard issue.

Mr Farrall says regardless of whether a customer is interested in a 1,000 L or 10,000 L truck across any range, they will have access to the best customer service available from experienced and knowledgeable experts.

“We are not just a manufacturing company, we also operate our equipment on a daily basis so when you call to discuss your own requirements, rest assured you will be guided by people who know exactly what you’re up against, not just fill your head with BS to make a sale.”

Vac Dig’s vacuum excavators are available for rent or purchase all throughout Australia.

This article was featured in the September 2020 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

For more information visit the Vac Dig website.

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