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Rob Carr completes trenchless drive

The contractor recently completed the trenchless component of the Parramatta Light Rail project.

The project involved the installation of DN1200 and DN1500 reinforced concrete jacking pipe required to augment the local drainage system.

Rob Carr said the DN1500 drive comprised a singular 492 m long journey along Parramatta’s busy restaurant district on Church Street, with the machine reaching its destination at the Lennox Bridge retrieval shaft in early October.

The project’s tunnel boring machine (TBM) had to traverse several complex alignments, guided by the TBM operator using a VMT guidance system.

Rob Carr said the guidance ensured “tight grades and tolerances were achieved upon completion of the tunnel” and congratulated its team for accomplishing the challenging drives.

The project’s two drives were both launched from a 6 m deep launch shaft at Centenary Square.

For more information visit the Rob Carr website.

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