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IDS GeoRadar provides top-notch GPR solutions

With its continuous commitment to research and development, IDS GeoRadar has pioneered radar technologies for industry.

Founded in 1980 in Pisa, Italy, IDS GeoRadar – recently acquired by Hexagon – has been long been a major player in radar technologies across the globe.

A strong research focus for the company is multifrequency, multichannel ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems, which IDS GeoRadar first launched in 1991.

This innovation enabled the construction of detailed 3D images of large underground areas to dramatically improve utilities detection.

Building on this success, while also working with individuals and organisations who share a passion for subsurface surveying, IDS GeoRadar has grown to become a global GPR solution provider.

Its GPR solutions enable professionals to create, analyse and transform complex data into understandable visual representations, allowing for faster and safer decisions that reduce project costs and protect public safety.

IDS GeoRadar says it is committed to the pursuit of product excellence to ensure best-in-class performance solutions.

For more information visit the IDS GeoRadar website.

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