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Ticking every box

The company has completed countless underground infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand, often using its own custom-made trenchless tools to ensure elite performance.

Pipeline and Civil attributes its success to both its outstanding project expertise as well as its strong company culture of collaboration and inclusiveness. The company places a significant emphasis on the values of safety, quality, honesty, care and success when delivering each project and takes great pride in delivering results for clients on time, on budget and with a low impact on the surrounding community.

Pipeline and Civils’ custom built telescopic conveyor can be used for backfilling trenches from the end where access is not possible to backfill from the side of the trench. This is particularly relevant in constrained urban areas where local authorities demand that traffic lanes remain open, reducing lateral safety zones and preventing equipment from accessing the side of the trench.

Although it can now claim expertise in many areas, Pipeline and Civil was originally founded on its ability to deliver high quality water infrastructure. The company has constructed some of New Zealand’s largest water mains and has the capability to undertake many different construction and rehabilitation works, including installing high-density polyethylene rising mains, pump stations and associated pipe works, water treatment plants and storage tanks.

Pipeline and Civil sees immense value in using trenchless technology due to its environmental, practical and cost benefits, with the company saying most of its projects now use at least one trenchless method.

Pipeline and Civil is an expert in slip lining, having installed pipe strings up to 400 m in length and 1,400 mm in diameter, while its horizontal directional drilling (HDD) knowledge is also top level and its in-house welding team ensures only the highest quality welds are performed on a project. Pipeline and Civil also boasts expertise in pipe bursting, pipe ramming, microtunnelling and structural lining – the result of many years of experience across its teams and its involvement in some of NZ’s largest and most complex trenchless projects.

Additionally, the company has strong relationships with subcontractors that are experts in these methodologies, ensuring clients have the sharpest minds in the business on hand for their works.

 The image above shows work in progress on a 7 km of 710 OD PE pressure wastewater pipe in northwest Auckland.

Custom linear winch

In addition to its project expertise, the company’s leading technical and engineering knowledge has allowed it to develop its own custom-made tools to use onsite. Recently, a project with Hastings District Council and Stantec provided the opportunity to use a custom hydraulic winch, designed and built by Pipeline and Civil.

The hydraulic linear winch was developed for the specific purpose of pulling polyethylene (PE) pipe through a host pipe and can be adjusted to suit different sized pipes. Capable of pipe pulls up to 400 m in length and applying up to 45 t of force to overcome internal friction, the winch has now been successfully tried and tested across five projects by Pipeline and Civil.

The works included the installation of 1,460 m of DN355 PE pipe that was relined, using the hydraulic winch, through the existing 375 concrete pipe, which was very deteriorated in places and had recently required several repairs. To properly rehabilitate the asset, relining had been chosen as the optimal solution.

Relining an existing host pipe greatly extends the life span of the pipe and in this case also allows it to withstand more pressure and more flow. The Pipeline and Civil team also shut down three pump stations and installed three new valve connections and two 90° bends over the 1.5 km stretch.

The upgrade will allow the sewage system to operate with more efficiency at full capacity and the overall project was completed in just under 10 weeks.

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