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Specialised system locks in success

On a major Victorian Government project, a DN1200 pipe with a high level of water infiltration was required permanent sealing.

Rangedale was contracted to rectify the problem and employed the Smart Lock Group to develop a solution, namely a specialised Smart Lock that could permanently repair and seal the pipe.

The Smart Lock needed to measure 1,200 mm in diameter and be 400 mm wide to completely seal the joint. Normally, a Smart Lock made for a pipe diameter of this size would be 200 mm wide and consist of two pieces; however, with the high level of infiltration, the repair needed a one piece solution that would effectively seal and repair the open joint simultaneously.

Smart Lock Group has designed customised Smart Locks in the past for previous certified installers, clients and jobs when various or unique sizes have been required.

The large sheet of Grade 316 stainless steel had to be specially produced from the mill and sent to the engineering department for production. Once the custom-made solution design was finalised, the manufacturing process was completed in under three weeks.

All Smart Locks are made of three elements: the stainless steel sleeve and locking system that is compliant with ASTM A 240, ASTM A 666 and EN 1.4401; application specific proprietary silicate resin, specifically formulated for sewer system use as it adheres to moist surfaces and has a high resistance to aggressive water; and the E-CR fibreglass matting used to create a heavy duty two-way cloth.

The installation was a challenging job due to the size of the pipe and the size and weight of the equipment required for the install. After extensive project planning by the Rangedale team to ensure the safety of all crew members and equipment, an installation plan was finalised for the 7 m deep shaft.

Specialised lifting equipment was required to hoist the large packer used to expand the Smart Lock in and out of the 7 m shaft, with both the Smart Lock and packer required to be manually placed into position at the repair point.

Due to the high level of infiltration, two layers of fibreglass were used around the Smart Lock to create a permanent seal of the joint, combined with the stainless steel sleeve to create a structural repair and leave a completely clean and smooth internal bore for the pipe.

The installation process took only three hours to complete.

Three-step process

The Smart Lock is an innovative solution that is quick and easy, completed in three simple stages load, lock and leave.

By wrapping the stainless steel sleeve with fibreglass and silicate resin and sending the packer down the pipe and into position, the Smart Lock solution is loaded before being locked into place by the innovative ratchet system to complete the repair. With an average installation time of only 30 minutes, the installation team can leave to get to the next job as the resin impregnated fibreglass matting is left to cure behind the stainless steel sleeve.

Smart Lock is ideal for localised defects such as cracks and holes, root infestation, water infiltration, displaced joints and redundant lateral connections, which can be repaired by installing a Smart Lock directly at the location. The solution provides a cost-effective alternative to excavation, relining or pipe replacement and is a permanent and structural repair.

Additionally, aggressive cleaning, root cutting and relining can be undertaken in future without the concern of damaging the Smart Lock.

This article was featured in the September 2020 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

For more information visit the Smart Lock website.

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