WATCH: Time lapse of trenchless project

Murphy Pipeline Contractors has shared a time lapse video of a trenchless water transmission replacement operation.

Filmed over 6 out of the job’s 10-day work program, the video shows the replacement of 548.64 m of a 30 inch (762 mm) watermain at the insertion and receiving pit.


The CompressionFit pipe lining method was incorporated for the project.

This HDPE pipe lining technology specifies an HDPE pipe with an outside diameter larger in size than the inside of the host pipe..

After the HDPE is butt fused to correspond to the pull distance, the pipe is pulled through a reduction die immediately before entering the host pipe.

This reduces the HDPE pipe temporarily below the ID of the host pipe allowing it to be inserted.

For more information visit the Murphy Pipeline Contractors website.

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