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New sewerage system underway

Yarra Valley Water (YVW) has commenced construction of a new piped sewerage system in Monbulk, Victoria that will service nearly 1,000 properties.

The company says its modern sewerage system will replace the odours and soggy patches that have been associated with the old, leaking septic tanks and sewage run-off into local waterways in the area.

YVW General Manager of Growth Futures Chris Brace said the new sewerage system would have several benefits for locals and the environment.

“The new system will make managing sewage easier for customers,” said Mr Brace.

“It’s also a win for the environment.

“Sewage run-off from broken or poorly-maintained septic tanks can pollute waterways which this new system will prevent.”

The sewer is being constructed in Baynes Park Reserve in four stages, with customers expected to connect by the end of 2022.

YVW says one all four stages are completed, the utility will have delivered approximately 25 km reticulated sewer network and 1.6 km of rising sewer.

To do so, YVW said it will use trenchless methods of drilling to minimise disruption to the environment and the community.

For more information visit the Yarra Valley Water website.

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