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GVW speeds up leak detection

Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) has launched its intelligent metering project that will manage and maintain assets, identify network efficiencies and allow for early leak detection.

GVW currently accesses usage volumes per system via manual reads of traditional analogue meters, though it said the introduction of intelligent meters in several towns will provide a better understanding of customers’ water usage and will play a role in reducing water wastage.

The digital data will enable GVW to make informed decisions on repairs and capital works, as well as developing targeted education programs to encourage customers to reduce or restructure water use.

GVW said the project offers many benefits to customers and the community, including early leak detection.

“Analogue water meters are currently read manually every four months and a leak can take some time to be identified,” the company said.

“Real time data [from the intelligent meters] can highlight these anomalies and save both water and money for the customer.

“The data that will be accessible to us will be useful for planning, reporting and for understanding customer water use, and highly valuable in the work we do with the community and customers. 

“We look forward to sharing the learnings with customers as we progress on this journey.”

GVW said more information will be provided about the trial towns and the project plans as the intelligent metering project progresses.

For more information visit the GVW website.

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