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Quality guaranteed with ISC

These products increase the return on assets and the longevity of sewer maintenance holes, pump stations, pits and pipes.

Closing in on 20 years of operation, ISC offers high quality, well established and proven products and systems that provide its clients with a safe and cost-effective means to construct or repair a range of water assets.

The company has worked with councils and water authorities all across Australia, delivering inflow and infiltration studies, conducting inspections at hundreds of maintenance holes, pump stations and sewage treatment plant inlet structures as well as helping customers minimise asset degradation and reduce operational and whole-of-life asset costs.

Products on offer include the Flex Seal Utility Sealant for sealing leaking riser rings and joint sections in a manhole, the Cretex Pro-Ring™ manhole grade adjustment system and the EncapsulAC® Coagula-Tracer Fluid designed for fully encapsulating asbestos fragments and fibres during the relining of asbestos cement pipes in conjunction with trenchless technologies.

ISC also provides high quality mechanical seals, patch and repair products, corrosion resistant coatings, polyurethane grout and various other products to make up its comprehensive suite of solutions.

All systems provided by ISC Services are from leading US manufacturers with independent testing and long-term case studies available, and the company is committed to providing quality and continuous customer service to accompany all its offerings.

For more information visit the ISC Services website.

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