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One Shot, plenty of opportunities

One Shot Directional Drilling has received of opportunities from farmers in the Lockyer Valley who want to provide fast irrigation for crops on the opposite side of roads.

One Shot Directional Drilling (OSDD) is a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) specialist, with its history of projects spanning crossing waterways, roadways and environmentally sensitive areas where other trenching methods are not possible, all throughout Queensland and in the northern New South Wales region.

Most recently, OSDD has been completing drilling projects on various farms in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland, as HDD is an ideal method for sites sensitive to surface disruptions – such as farming crops.

OSDD would drill under the road and now, upon completion of the drills, farmers can provide fast irrigation for crops on the opposite side of the road to where the dam or water wells are situated.

A durable solution

OSDD Managing Director Adrian Brock says the team has completed many drills on farms within the region, all within very quick timeframes. Each project has taken no more than 2-3 days, with OSDD installing HDPE PN16 blue stripe of varying lengths and sizes at Lilydale Farms, Huggins Organic Farms, Windolf Farms and more.

Mr Brock says HDPE PN16 blue pipe was chosen for the projects due to its high durability, ability to be used for a diverse range of applications and its non-corrosive, chemical resistant properties. The pipe is available in a wide range of thicknesses and pressure ratings, with fittings and equipment to create an entire system, with such versatility necessary for the various jobs.

“Poly pressure pipes are designed for a long lifetime (in excess of 100 years) in underground infrastructure,” says Mr Brock.

“Installing the pipe in the ground is typically the most expensive part of the operation (usually 85-90 per cent of the project costs), therefore the long life and durability of poly piping remove the need to regularly replace pipes within their working lifetime.”

In addition to its long life and durability, the HDPE PN16 pipe is lightweight and flexible, which allows for an easier and more cost-effective freight, handling and installation.

To complete the installations, Mr Brock says OSDD used a Vermeer D9x13 Series III Directional Drill Rig, Ditch Witch JT2020 Directional Drill Rig, Ditch Witch FX30 Vacuum Excavation Truck and a Digitrak F5 Falcon Locator.

“True professionals”

Lilydale Farms Pty Ltd Farm Manager Ryan Folkard – who knew underground drilling existed but didn’t know where to start before finding OSDD online – had the first drill completed by the team earlier this year, and has continued to call upon them since.

Mr Folkard says the team are “true professionals” who are on time, well organised and dedicated to safety – both from a traffic point of view as well as the job they are doing.

Mr Folkard also says the OSDD team are so helpful that they didn’t shy away from doing him a favour while onsite with their vac truck – solving a cable issue he’d had for quite some time.

“In the past, I had other contractors come up and try to find a fibre optic cable with no luck. Adrian found it in about an hour,” he says.

Mr Folkard adds he would “150 per cent” recommend the company to other farmers in the region – something he has already been doing.

Huggins Organics Farm Owner Troy Huggins found out about OSDD through Mr Folkard, with his own drilling job being completed a month ago. Mr Huggins shares Mr Folkard’s high opinion of OSDD drilling, saying the team is “very prompt, very polite and very professional”.

“They do a neat and tidy job, don’t leave a mess around,” said Mr Huggins.

“It’s never a drama for any questions, they’d answer them straight away and if you need paperwork, it’d be sent through straight away. They’re absolutely fantastic.”

A wealth of experience

Mr Brock established the family-owned business in 2017, after gaining more than 20 years of experience in the HDD industry himself. Since then, OSDD has grown to specialise in HDD and underground boring services for the installation of conduits for water, gas, power and telecommunications all across the Sunshine State and northern NSW.

Since acquiring the knowledge and expertise to successfully complete projects ranging from small residential to large civil projects, Mr Brock says the OSDD team is always able to provide a profile design of crossings to meet a client’s chosen methodology and has more than 20 years of experience drilling in all terrains, especially rock bores.

The company can install single or multiple conduit type configurations ranging from 63 mm conduits to 355 mm on-grade HDPE pipes for sewers or enveloper pipes and

Mr Brock says over the years OSDD has provided its drilling services to all kinds of clients, including private enterprises, government agencies, city councils, major network providers, small construction companies and the recent and successful addition of farmers.

This article was featured in the December 2020 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

For more information visit the OSDD website.

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