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QDS celebrates 21st year

With its 21st birthday on the horizon, Queensland Drilling Sales & Supplies shows no sign of slowing down.

Queensland Drilling Sales & Supplies (QDS) was established by Grant Spaninks, an industry veteran who had a lengthy career laying gas mains in Victoria before eventually relocating to Queensland in 1995. Grant found himself holding one of the first contracts in the steerable installation of new pipelines ducts and cables for the cable television rollout in Queensland, resulting in many years of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) through rock.

QDS Operations Manager Luke Spaninks says by building a reputation as a respected HDD driller, Grant was able to leverage his years of experience into business ownership – and QDS was born.

“[By] identifying a gap in the market for quality equipment, hands-on experience and knowledge in the HDD industry, Grant imported a range of self-contained and sustainable drilling machines, later sourcing the highest quality tooling and equipment that would operate efficiently and effectively in all types of Australian terrain,” says Luke.

“To be successful and provide the quality and level of service that we’ve become known for requires an understanding of the importance of creating strong relationships with both manufacturers and customers.

“At QDS, we value the relationships we’ve developed with our suppliers, some of whom we’ve worked with over a period of 20 years including our leading supplier Melfred Borzall, Digital Control, Bit Broker, Kerr Pumps, Horizontal Technology and Brewis to name a few.”

Changing with the times

HDD has become increasingly popular for the installation of infrastructure throughout Australia, and technological and engineering advances have allowed HDD tooling to meet and exceed expectations for trenchless installation.

Additionally, the advances of the internet, social media and the instant access to information in the modern era means connecting with drillers has grown considerably easier since QDS was first established.

“With HDD having always been a time critical industry, the ability to connect on a global scale, as well as having more freedom in terms of mobility, now allows us to service drillers across Australia and the Asia-Pacific in a much faster and more accessible way,” says Luke.

“Changing our focus to become leaders in tooling, we created a model that allowed QDS to compete with larger competitors, while remaining true to our vision of uncompromised quality and service for our customers.

“QDS is able accommodate any rig brand, as well as providing same-day shipping on custom-made tooling. This helps drillers to standardise tooling, saving them time and money.”

The company is focused on the complexities unique to HDD tools, rather than attempting to provide support for trenchers, excavators and all other types of ground moving equipment. With this focused niche, QDS has grown to become experts in the HDD industry and its subsequent product lines.

World’s “number one seller”

While QDS began by servicing drillers solely throughout Queensland, it progressed into a nationwide offering within its first six months of operation, as word quickly spread of an Australian-owned and operated company willing to assist its clients and provide them with equipment tailored to HDD requirements..

By 2018, the company had expanded to two locations in Queensland and Victoria, allowing it to better service drillers nationwide. Now, QDS offers its products and services all over Australia as well as throughout the Asia-Pacific.

Luke says QDS provides reliable, top-quality HDD tooling for purchase, designed to sustain a long service life with low-wear and high productivity. It does so by sourcing suppliers that are known for tested quality and performance, both locally and internationally.

“As the sole distributor for Melfred Borzall in Australia, QDS has been the world’s number one seller of Melfred Borzall eagle claw heads for the better part of decade, also stocking the fast back system and a wide range of reamers and blades,” he says.

“We provide Tricones, PDC and rock hole openers from Bit Brokers and Horizontal Technology, along with the latest tracking technology from Digital Control Inc. for all of your location needs.

“In addition to tooling, we offer various cleaning systems, generators, drill rods and mud pumps. Together with support from our suppliers we can offer specialised training for equipment including Digi Trac Location systems.”

Looking towards 30

When looking towards the future, Luke says QDS is constantly striving to find new, innovative ways to better service its customers, whether it be with new technology, better tooling or faster service.

Although company founder Grant and his wife Deborah are now looking to formally retire following their 21st year in business, Luke says QDS will “certainly not be slowing down”.

“Having played an integral part in the growth of the family-owned and operated company over the past decade, the second generation of Spaninks are set to take the reins, supported by a strong team that includes veteran employee Craig Clark, who has no less than 20 years of experience at QDS under his belt.

“With a clear vision on continuing to improve customer service and following the success of their Melbourne branch, expanding further to new locations is definitely on the horizon.”

Luke says QDS prides itself on customer service and the ability to provide reliable products at affordable prices, and it will continue to do so as it looks towards its next milestone birthday.

“Our skilled and experienced team will ensure you have the right tools for the right job, regardless of the brand or size of the drill rig, or the ground conditions,” he says.

“We are committed to providing a quality, tailored solution for all your HDD requirements.”

This article was featured in the December 2020 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

For more information visit the QDS website.

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