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Expanding the KOR vehicle range

KOR is increasing productivity and versatile fleet options for its customers through the launch of its latest hydro excavation units.

KOR’s commitment to product enhancement and innovation is highlighted with the launch of the latest edition to its hydro excavation offering – the CAP COMBI 3200 CL Hydro 8×4 unit. Adding to the existing CAP COMBI 2600 CC Hydro 6×4 offering, flexible options are available for most businesses operating in the utility locating space. 

KOR says when completing any utility locating works, one of the most important steps in the process is always verifying the physical location of the underground asset. So, depending on the size, scope and location of works, KOR has the right solution when it comes to hydro excavation and offers flexible options for your business. 

Maximising productivity, vacuum performance and superior design, KOR’s manufacturing partner Cappellotto holds operator ergonomics at the core of its philosophy. Combining with KOR’s experienced Australian engineering team, the product is delivered to market compliant with Australian and New Zealand regulations ensuring maximum safety for operators on the job. 

CAP COMBI 3200 CL Hydro 8×4

KOR is proud to launch to the market the brand new Cappellotto CAP COMBI 3200 CL Hydro 8×4 unit. Designed for high productivity hydro excavation, gross pollutant trap cleaning and a highly efficient 8 inch (203 mm) Hibon vacuum pump running at 93 per cent vacuum with 28 inch Hg. Producing 6,500 m3 per hour and 3,800 CFM, the CAP COMBI 3200 CL Hydro delivers high performance productivity, meaning the job can be done in a safe and efficient manner. 

This unit perfectly complements a fleet of vacuum or hydro excavation units and can grow a fleet into more productive, high performance vehicles. Specialising in gross pollutant trap cleaning and sewer pumping station cleaning with its 270-degree boom, 6 m extendable boom and articulated end means the unit is versatile in application as well maximising revenue streams. 

CAP COMBI 2600 CC Hydro 6×4

The 2600 CC Hydro unit from KOR maximises compact design, high volume tank capacity and fuel efficiency to deliver strong results for any business when working in high density urban environments. Using the Euro 6 emission standards Volvo FE320 6×4 cab-chassis allows for a lower environmental footprint and fuel cost reductions when running the unit. 

The design of the Cappellotto body has been proven over many years of service in Australian conditions. Designed for the Australian industry, safety standards and regulations, KOR’s customers can trust its units will protect their workforce while maintaining high productivity.

Optimising a fleet for maximum versatility and profitability is what KOR does best for any business. Interested customers can learn more about KOR’s range of hydro excavation units, or its broader fleet options including drain and sewer cleaning combination units, water recyclers, industrial dry vacuum units and more, get in touch with KOR today on 1300 567 784.

This article was featured in the December 2020 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

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