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GHD develops risk assessment portal

A new digital tool will help the Taupō District Council on New Zealand’s North Island minimise water infrastructure faults and breaks.

After a watermain failure in 2019 led to a sewer collapse that released 800,000 L of sewerage into Lake Taupō, the district council sought to develop a tool to help avoid future disasters.

In response, GHD used its GHD InDEGO tool and geospatial analysis to develop a consistent data-driven Risk Assessment Portal, with an interactive tool for analysing and visualising the risk profile of three of the council’s key water assets – potable water, wastewater and stormwater.

The instrument integrates multi-criteria analysis with a dynamic, user-friendly interface, where potential hazards, including wastewater and stormwater, are identified and weighted based on agreed criteria and risk scenarios.

The district council can now quickly run scenarios to identify areas across the three waters system where risk may be elevated.

“The tool helps us get more information out of the GIS data we already have,” said Taupō District Council Wastewater Asset Manager Michael Cordell.

“It allows us to quickly look at combinations of parameters to help us better understand our assets and the potential risk to these assets.”

For more information visit the GHD website.

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