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Groundbreaking inspection system arrives in Australasia

Rausch’s OMICRON is the first technology in the world to provide pipe and sewer inspection data in high definition during both push and crawler operations.

In keeping with its policy of introducing state-of-the-art technologies to Australia and New Zealand, Austeck, one of Australasia’s leading pipeline inspection and rehabilitation experts, is now supplying Rausch’s OMICRON Full HD system, the world’s first portable Full HD pipeline inspection solution.

Compact and Portable

The lightweight, battery powered system has all the benefits of its large vehicle mounted mainline cousins but without the limitations they pose with site access and safety issues and at a fraction of the cost.

The machine, which has been designed with portability at its core, features a quick release interchangeable pushrod solution, as well as a non-fibre optic cable, allowing for quick and easy re-terminations when required.

The rod and cable reels, equipped with quick release fasteners, can quickly and easily be changed, while the machines foldable handle and skids, designed for navigating stairs, combine to make it a simple, straightforward and efficient piece of equipment to operate.

The system is controlled via the Rausch-Tab, an easily removable 12.1 inch (31 cm) touchscreen display, with multifunctional joysticks.

Equipped with Wincan VX, it has integrated networking capabilities, including Wi-Fi, meaning OMICRON is compatible and controllable, remotely, with any third-party PC.

Rausch-Tab also operates Rausch’s PipeCommander software, providing analysis of inspection data in two modes.

Basic uses of the software include straightforward image, video and PDF creation, while expansive mode provides more customised and detailed reports, including listing historical data and projects.

The Rausch OMICRON system in crawler mode.

Flexible combinations

As with all Rausch technology, OMICRON can be set up to suit the unique challenges of each specific inspection.

In push mode, it can be combined with four cameras to travel as far as 80 m and can determine the diameter of the pipeline.

In this mode, it is also expandable with Rausch’s LAteral TRAcking System (LATRAS) to map (in 3D) the pipeline route.

Alternatively, OMICRON integrates with the C 90 and 100 crawlers, and a range of cameras, to navigate up to 200 m from the base unit.

Also available in an Explosion Proof (EX) configuration, OMICRON is also gaining traction in the petrochemical markets.

About Austeck

Since its inception almost 30 years ago, Austeck has consistently brought the best and latest technologies form the around the world to the region and currently services and supports an international network of more than 1,000 clients across a range of sectors including councils and water authorities, plumbing and mining companies and many others.

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