KRE gets the uppercut on its competition

KRE Engineering’s new robotic cutter demonstrates the company’s ability to create high-quality and high-value machines for the trenchless technology market.

After turning heads across the global market, the latest innovation from the Australia manufacturer is continuing to grow in popularity on its own home soil.  

KRE Engineering has been manufacturing robotic equipment for more than 25 years, all the while in collaboration with CUES Inc, an international pipeline and sewer inspection equipment specialist.  

The dynamic duo’s most recent innovation is the Currahee Robotic Self Drive Cutter range, which are top-of-the-line products already making an impact on the American international market.  

KRE prides itself on working closely with operators and customers to develop high-quality robotic equipment that can efficiently perform vital tasks, including pipe inspection and maintenance.  

Back in 2019, KRE decided to introduce its self-drive robots into CUES’ family of products, which includes lateral cutters and multi-sensor inspection and profiling systems.  

After less than 12 months of development, the first 100 per cent CUES Robotic Self Drive Cutters became available in the US, with the Currahee being fully compatible with existing equipment.  

Since then, the technology has continued to grow in popularity across the globe, as well as in Australia.  

KRE Mini  

The new KRE Mini 150-250 Robotic Cutter is at the forefront of KRE’s new innovative product lines, with a range of features and functions for the trenchless user.  

The KRE Mini is a portable and competitively priced system that delivers a high-quality and robustly designed Australian-made robot. 

The product comes with a portable 100 m cable and an airline self-driving cutter that can work from 100 mm to 225 mm.  

It is also equipped with a 360° continuous rotation for its cutter head and air motor, with a brass aluminium and stainless-steel construction giving the product the level of durability required to last on a worksite.  

The cutter contains a high-resolution camera and built-in monitor to control unit, while the high-powered air motors can cut cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), UV, spiral wound liners and concrete.  

The KRE Mini has 240- and 110-volt supply options and requires a 100 psi at 70 CFM air supply to drive the air motor.  

KRE says the KRE Mini is a prime example of the company’s ability to produce high end tools for the underground construction, installation, maintenance and repair markets both in Australia and around the world. 

For more information visit the KRE website.  

This article was featured in the March 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

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